When it comes to the top NBA players today, most fans will casually list off top stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry. These three are among the best players in the league, each with numerous accolades and championships to boast of. KD and Curry both star for the league's powerhouse, the Golden State Warriors, a team that has been the elite franchise of the NBA for the past five years. As happens often when NBA players are part of interviews, they are asked for their top five stars of all time. Stephen Curry wasn't exempt from this and gave an interesting group of five.

Curry lists his five all-time players

In a recent late show segment video, Lakers star Kobe Bryant ranked himself, LeBron, and MJ. These three have been part of heated debates for years among fans as they argue over why one is better than the other. Surprisingly, one of those three didn't make it into Curry's group of five. So which basketball stars made it? Golden State Warriors reporter Logan Murdock uploaded a video clip of Curry's answer for Twitter and the internet to see.

Four players with ties to the Lakers made the group, and one wasn't Kobe Bryant.

Instead, Curry had LeBron James among his top five of all-time stars. In addition, he listed Magic Johnson among the all-time greats. As one might expect, Michael Jordan made the list. He seems to be a standard for most answers, and rightfully so. Two other former Lakers stars also made the list. Shaquille O'Neal is considered one of the five best of all-time by Curry as is Wilt "The Stilt' Chamberlain, a man who scored 100 points in a game way back in history.

It's a list that makes plenty of sense and wasn't necessarily given in any order. Steph Curry clearly respects his friend LeBron James in terms of what he's done for his career. One has to wonder where Curry might rank when his own career is over.

LeBron's season is over, offseason plans

Speaking of LeBron James, many believe he has surpassed Michael Jordan in terms of his basketball achievements.

While the number of finals losses and championships hangs over him, he's moved past Jordan in many statistical categories. Funny enough, LeBron will be looking to follow in MJ's footsteps. It's no secret by now that LeBron will use some of his free time while missing the playoffs to film "Space Jam 2." It's a highly-anticipated sequel to the original film starring none other than Air Jordan.

When Jordan did the filming for his movie, they had a special basketball court where he was able to practice his craft, while getting ready. At the time, Jordan was on the comeback trail from baseball to basketball. Having that court helped him quite a bit to get back to a championship level.

A recent Bleacher Report article cites Joe Vardon of The Athletic as saying that LeBron will have a basketball court of his own for the "Space Jam 2" set.

That should allow him to fully get ready for a better Los Angeles Lakers campaign in the next NBA season. It'll be interesting to see if he has any prospective All-Star free agents joining him on that court as he tries to do some recruiting for the Lakers.

Of course, practice and filming will come first. Whether that sequel will be able to surpass the original starring MJ remains to be seen. However, LeBron James may be fine just being mentioned among the all-time greats too.