Nebraska football fans have known for a while that Wandale Robinson was a heck of a get. One of the biggest prizes of the 2019 class, the all-purpose back's commitment was highly sought after by both the Huskers and the Kentucky Wildcats. Schools like Ohio State and Purdue were also apparently hot after the prospect. Knowing that, it should surprise no one that now that he's showing what he can do in Lincoln, he's still getting a ton of attention.

Bleacher Report recently put out its list of players that are turning heads during their teams' spring practice.

It turns out that the player, who was ranked by 247Sports as the top player in the state of Kentucky is still someone that is impressive people with his skills. Not the least of the people who have been quite impressed by what Robinson can do is his position coach Ryan Held.

Robinson impressing Nebraska football coaches first and foremost

Held recently talked to the Lincoln Journal Star about what he's seen from the player he played a big part in bringing to Lincoln. "You know some guys, they just have that look. There's a certain demeanor about him where you're like, 'This guy's a dude.' You just know it. He fits in that category."

Robinson has indeed been that dude over the course of his career.

The thing that still needs to be checked off the list is whether or not his game is going to be able to translate to the college game right away. The Huskers certainly think they have the kind of all-purpose back that can carry the ball on the ground in the pinch.

He can also be one heck a wide receiver if that's the thing the Huskers need.

The offense hasn't quite come together just yet and that alone is quite the question as to how they are going to use him when the smoke clears. The Cornhuskers are wanting him to start out at receiver but the running back position is a bit thin, especially if Maurice Washington isn't on the roster.

Nebraska football's star against the rest of the country

While Robinson is one of the prospects that is turning heads on the national scale, what's really impressive is the kind of players that he is mentioned with. Auburn is likely going to be rolling out a new quarterback this year and former 5-star quarterback Bo Nix appears to be the guy who is going to be taking over the job.

In the Big Ten, Penn State has a freshman that is getting plenty of attention from national outlets. Offensive tackle Rasheed Walker is having himself a good spring practice session. It appears he's looking like he's doing as much as he can to show that he's going to pave the way for a Nittany Lion offense this season. Of course, for the Nebraska football team, Wandale Robinson has the chance to make a heck of a contribution right away.