When it comes to naming an all-time NBA top five players list, many fans, analysts, and even the players themselves are ready to drop names. Most recently, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry gave his top five of all-time and featured Michael Jordan and LeBron James amongst the picks. Most players will add Jordan, but not all are so willing to add LeBron right away. In a recent podcast, Curry's fellow teammate Kevin Durant got the opportunity to name off his top five as well.

Kevin Durant gives top five during podcast

Per Bleacher Report, on an episode of Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles' "Knuckleheads" podcast, Durant dropped names for his all-time best players.

Unsurprisingly, several of the selections matched up with his teammate's choices. Durant had Michael Jordan, the obvious choice, and the player many fans consider the "G.O.A.T." of basketball. KD also listed off Hall of Fame talents Magic Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal, both of whom played for the Lakers. All three players were named on Curry's top five.

In addition, Durant decided to put Lakers' star Kobe Bryant on his list along with former Houston Rockets star Hakeem Olajuwon. KD even ranked his five players. He has them from first to fifth as MJ, then Kobe, followed by Shaq, Hakeem, and Magic.

It means that he opted for Hakeem over some players others might consider worthy of the spot. Curry had Wilt Chamberlain on his list.

Some people might put Bill Russell, and others might even contend that Tim Duncan was quite a franchise star. Kevin Durant not only decided to forego those choices, but he also opted to not include LeBron James. However, he had a good reason for that omission.

KD isn't disrespecting LeBron

As mentioned, LeBron didn't make Durant's list, even though he made it onto Curry's list.

Four of the five players named to Durant's list are amongst players in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Kobe Bryant has to be officially inducted, but that's on the way in the coming years.

For those who want to quickly argue that Durant is throwing serious shade at LeBron, he contends that his all-time list only consists of retired players.

For that reason, LeBron still has his career going on. Once it's said and done, he could very well take over a spot on that list. The question is will it be Kobe Bryant's or Hakeem Olajuwon's place?

While LeBron won't be able to add any more playoff wins, or championship rings this postseason, he'll be focused on getting better for next season. Meanwhile, Durant will be chasing his third NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors. Once the offseason hits, it'll be time for KD to determine if he's stick with the Dubs or moving on to a new team.

Some analysts have even suggested KD could join the Lakers, but it seems like a crazy notion. It all depends on how the Warriors work things out with their other stars including Klay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousin in what will be a busy summer.