While there have been plenty of people who don't believe the Chicago Cubs have handled the Addison Russell situation correctly, if the newest reports are true, the team has broken the mold on how not to deal with a touchy situation.

Several members of the media are reporting that the franchise's front office has been pressuring them to only push positive stories about the Cubs' shortstop. Even worse than that, some have said the team has threatened reprisals if negative stories about Russell hit the net.

The Chicago Cubs as bullies

Fangraphs writer and attorney Sheryl Ring was the first to bring the accusations to light.

On her Twitter account she wrote, "So the Cubs are making a concerted effort to control the narrative w/r/t Addison Russell. They're approving positive "redemption" stories, and in private going after those commentators who are critical of Russell and the Cubs' approach."

After her initial comment, she went one step further and said that she had specifically spoken to one media member who said the team had threatened reprisals if the positive stories weren't printed. After there was some back and forth with several people on the social media site, Baseball Prospectus writer Mike Gianella weighed in saying "I suspected this with the Mets/Reyes but no reporter ever reached out to multiple people off-the-record to indicate this was the case."

The NBC Sports website Hardball Talk also says they have heard from various members of the media that the Chicago Cubs are indeed pushing a sunshine and roses approach to the Russell situation.

That particular narrative is backed up by some articles that have surfaced in recent weeks.

One article in particular, by Bob Nightengale, seemed to paint Russell as someone who was working to overcome a raw deal being handed to him. Rather than someone who was coming off a suspension for domestic abuse.

Addison Russell as the victim

Russell is serving out the remainder of a 40 game suspension for reportedly abusing his ex-wife. Melisa Reidy first reported that abuse on social media and when Major League Baseball investigated, he admitted to at least some of the things she had reported. He missed the final month of the 2018 season and then has been in an extended spring training to begin 2019.

The Chicago Cubs have now sent him down to Iowa to begin his final preparations before he gets called up to the big leagues. As his return has neared, the front office have talked quite a bit about how Addison Russell has done everything that was asked of him "and more." Some members of the media are now claiming the rather positive articles about the situation might have been dictated by the club in order to continue getting access.