It is customary for the president to invite Basketball teams that wins important games like the national championship. This time the honor has gone to the University of Virginia men's basketball team but they have decided to give the program a miss. Head coach Tony Bennett has conveyed this message. He has confirmed receipt of the invitation referred to as “inquiries about a visit to the White House” and added that the team will not be able to accept it because some of its players will be busy with other activities. Hence, they have no other alternative but to decline the invitation.

CNN reports that the Baylor women's basketball team, whose members also became national champions this year have agreed to attend a ceremony at the White House along with President Donald Trump. It seems the president has not hosted a women's championship sports team for a solo event at the White House ever since he took office and the Baylor Lady Bears will break that jinx. It will be the first women's championship team to make a solo visit.

Invitations to sportspersons and teams

During his presidency, Donald Trump has hosted victorious men's athletic teams a number of times. However, there have been instances where the teams invited did not respond in a positive way. For them, coming to the White House has been a controversial decision for some reason or the other.

In 2017, the White House hosted an event honoring multiple NCAA championship teams from a variety of sports. However, the South Carolina women's basketball team did not attend.

CNN adds that last year, Donald Trump canceled a visit for the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles team.

The reason was disagreement over how to stand for the National Anthem. In 2017, the NBA champion, Golden State Warriors did not accept an invitation from the President to visit the White House after they won the 2017 championship.

Relations between Trump and sportspersons

According to Time, there have been a number of instances of sports bodies declining invitations from the White House after winning their laurels. Such a situation is not in keeping with the spirit of any game and there might be different reasons for this. It seems some of the sports bodies are uncomfortable in the presence of President Donald Trump for whatever reason. This year the Virginia Cavaliers won the NCAA men’s basketball tournament but declined the invitation and in 2018, it was the Villanova Wildcats, who won the NCAA men’s tournament and also declined.

However, when it came to the Clemson Tigers, winners of the college football championship in January, it was another story. At that time, the US was on shutdown and the president served them fast food from reputed brands like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King.