The most damning things Melisa Reidy-Russell said about Chicago Cubs star Addison Russell

Reidy-Russell's allegations of abuse have gotten the Chicago Cubs star suspended for 40 games. Check out the worst of her claims.


She cried tears of relief

When Addison Russell hit a home run in the 2016 World series, she cried, but not because she was overjoyed. "I don’t have to expect him to be grumpy when we go back to the hotel." She told Time Magazine.


She saw red flags early on

Melisa Reidy said that she saw reasons to break things off early on when they were dating. She added that every time she called it quits, he would promise to do better.


He once snapped her phone in half

When things started to get really bad, he'd get very physical and break things. Melisa says he once broke her phone in half with his bare hands.


Physical stuff happened far too often

While Reidy says the physical stuff didn't happen every day, it happened enough that she often feared what the end of the day was going to be like.


She feared going public

The allegations of abuse only really started after she shared a post about his infidelity. She wasn't comfortable talking about the abuse, but one of her friends was. A year later, she finally said she felt ok about talking to MLB.

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