The Nebraska football team has a brand new, very intriguing target in tight end Moliki Matavao. The player, out of the great state of Nevada is considered one of the real up and comers in the 2021 class and that's likely because he was willing to make a position change. The player, who already has 12 offers despite not being able to sign on the dotted line until 2021, might end up being the kind of mix and match player the Huskers need on their roster.

From quarterback to tight end

When Moliki Matavao started out his football carer, he was starting that career out under center.

As he grew and realized what was going to work on the college level, he moved down the line of scrimmage to tight end. Now standing at 6'6 and weighing in at 240 pounds, he can be the kind of weapon at that position the Cornhuskers haven't had for almost a decade. he can be the kind of guy that lines up at the goal line and shuts off a pass rush or be the guy who comes off the tackle and goes and gets the jump ball.

Of course, in order for Matavao to be that kind of weapon, the Nebraska football team is going to need to find a way to reel him in. One way to do that might be to talk about him lining up at one other position. That frame and the athleticism that comes with it would be a very good fit as a defensive end.

Scott Frost and company are going to need to find a way to pull the prospect away from his home region. Allowing him to cut loose and hit people from the defensive side of the ball could be that "in."

The Cornhuskers are working hard to get as many top of the line defensive players as they can in the 2020 class. That includes new offers to players like Van Fillinger and making the cut for players like Tyler Berrong.

The team can keep building by going hard after players like Matavao and invest in the future classes in a way previous staffs haven't done.

Huskies appear to be the team to beat

While there are already plenty of teams that are in on the tight-end prospect, it appears that in this early juncture, the team that is going to cause the most problems for the Huskers is the Washington Huskies.

Now only is Chris Petersen one of the most recent coaches to show the prospect a lot of love, but he's already gotten a pledge for an official visit next month.

That's not as big a deal as it might be if we were talking about a 2020 prospect but it's still something that stands out. If the Nebraska football team wants to stand a real chance against the Pac 12 power, it's going to need to get Moliki Matavao to commit to a visit to Lincoln in the very near future.