The Nebraska football team has made the cut for Tyler Berrong. The talented outside linebacker, who is soaring up the prospect charts, for a number of teams, announced the teams he is favoring at the moment on his Twitter account earlier this week. While there is a long row to hoe before they are going to know if they have a real chance with the Florida prospect, it's pretty clear the Huskers could use several additions at linebacker.

Nebraska football suffered losses here before

The good news is that Tyler Berrong has named the Cornhuskers among his favorites.

The bad news is that the Huskers have been down this road before and not been able to close the deal. That is true whether they've gone after JUCO linebacker prospects like Dru Mathis or high school prospects at the position like Dylan Jordan.

On the third "side" every college coach in the sport is going to tell you that there are always going to be recruiting losses. That goes the same for Clemson and Alabama just like it is at Nebraska. The Huskers aren't going to be able to land a prospect the quality of Berrong unless they give it a go.

Tyler Berrong stands out in a crowded field

The linebacker might not be among the best of the best when it comes to prospect ratings. He's the 31st rated outside linebacker in the class and the 63rd ranked player in the state of Florida for 2020.

Despite those rankings not being eye-popping, Berrong already has almost 20 offers. That's likely why he already felt he had to announce the teams that are winning in the race for his services at the moment.

Along with Nebraska, Berrong says Missouri, UCONN, UCF, Purdue, South Florida, Minnesota, Pitt, and FIU are in his top 10.

The Huskers appear to have two things going for them in that regard. First, there is the apparent willingness to go outside his home region when looking at his future schools. The Cornhuskers are competing straight up with a couple of Big Ten foes in order to secure the linebacker's services.

The other good news is that Scott Frost and company have a long history of being well known and well-liked in the UCF area.

It's a safe bet they are still legends among some of the high school coaches in that state. Even if they aren't well known at Atlantic High, they know the area and they will be able to talk to Tyler Berrong on a level that can make him feel comfortable and at home. Nebraska football is in good standing here. Now they just need to find a way to get him to visit Lincoln.