It's no secret by now that the Los Angeles Lakers are closer to being eliminated from playoff contention with each new loss. Despite LeBron James previously saying he activated playoff intensity mode early, the team hasn't been able to gain any ground on teams above them in the chase. With that in mind, and realizing the Lakers probably won't be making the postseason, the team has decided to cut back on LeBron's playing time. King James recently commented on how he feels about that decision.

LeBron comments on playing time

LeBron is always able to talk to the media about most situations involving the team, and especially situations about his own status.

Recently, he made comments to reporters about his playing time with the LA Lakers, after being asked what it's like for him. While he appears somewhat frustrated overall by the Lakers' situation, he isn't too upset at the powers that be.

"It’s challenging for me mentally because I’m so accustomed to being out on the floor," LeBron told the media. He also added that this was a conversation involving himself, his trainer, the Lakers' staff and front office people based on "the team's lack of success this season." Basically, LeBron James seems Ok with it all and said he trusts those who are making the decision right now.

So it appears that LeBron's playoff mode may have been "deactivated," at least until next season rolls around. That said, it doesn't mean he won't play any minutes at all, as he's still a competitor at heart.

LeBron's status for Knicks game

On Friday, the LA Lakers decided to keep LeBron James out of the lineup against the Detroit Pistons.

The reason given was for "work overload/groin" or rest purposes. The Lakers ended up dropping that game at Detroit, 111-97. JaVale McGee was amongst the leading scorers for the night. Others gave effort but this is a team lacking much of its talent at the moment due to injuries. Without their top star on the floor, it's even harder to expect much.

The reduced minutes for LeBron is a situation where the team doesn't want to overdo it with their top star, realizing that next season will be a fresh slate for their efforts. They'll want King James healthy and ready to compete again with whatever new players they've aligned with him on the roster.

Right now it appears that King James will be a part of Sunday's game, but there's no word either way yet. It's possible he'll take a game off, then play a game, in order to rest and recover. He's got a good history at MSG, as he's won nine-straight games he's played there with different teams. The last loss came when he was a member of the Miami Heat five years ago.

There's not much on the line here, as the Knicks are looking towards the NBA Draft and potentially adding college phenom Zion Williamson to their lineup.

As mentioned, the Lakers' playoff chances are basically non-existent so they're playing for pride. That said, a higher draft pick might improve the Lakers' chances of making a big trade for Anthony Davis or another major star this summer.

The Los Angeles Lakers will take on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden beginning at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.