The NBA playoffs are quickly approaching and it could be one of the rarest postseasons in some time. That's because LeBron James is getting closer by the game to missing his first playoffs in 14 years. James has become a fixture of the NBA Playoffs, and more recently within the NBA Finals, as he's been on a team in the series in the past eight seasons. Recently, he weighed in about the possibility of getting this postseason off, as the Lakers look towards the offseason to potentially sign Jimmy Butler or another free agent.

LeBron comments on possibly missing playoffs

The last time that LeBron James wasn't part of the NBA Playoffs was back in his 2004-05 season. At that time he was just 20. Since then, he went to the postseason each season and never played less than an 11-game series. He took the Cleveland Cavaliers to the past four NBA Finals, and also went to the four before that as a member of the Miami Heat.

His move to the Western Conference brought doubters, mostly because the West has been considered the superior conference in recent time. However, early on it appeared James had the Lakers in position to at least compete. Injuries hit and that meant the Lakers started to suffer, falling out of the top eight standings.

Since James' return, they've been unable to win necessary games. As of days ago, it was learned that Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram are done for the season. With that, LeBron is still playing but only limited minutes in games, and at his discretion, if things are competitive late.

LeBron recently said about the possibility he won't make the NBA playoffs, "It's challenging, but I kind of knew what I was getting myself into." LeBron added he didn't "expect to be out" at this point in the season, and also cited the injuries that the Lakers dealt with throughout the second half of their season.

Not only did he suffer that groin injury, but the team was also without Rondo, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma at different parts of their season.

While the injuries may not be an excuse in some peoples' minds, they certainly took their toll on this Lakers team. The squad was once a top-four team in the West, and since then look like anything but a contender.

Now they're more of a team with NBA Draft Lottery aspirations.

LeBron to rest, Lakers to reboot

The fact that LeBron James is now 34-years-old and going to miss his first playoffs could just be a necessary time for rest. There was the unfortunate groin injury that cost him 17 games, and then the belief that he never quite returned to 100 percent healthy. LeBron has other projects to work on besides basketball including filming "Space Jam 2."

The Lakers' front office has a project to work on and that is rebuilding their roster to work better next season. There are already rumors about the team's offseason targets including the Warriors' Klay Thompson or Sixers' Jimmy Butler. Other speculation includes continuing their attempts to trade with New Orleans for Anthony Davis.

If that fails, they may go after DeMarcus Cousins or DeAndre Jordan. It's almost certain this roster is going to add some major pieces, though, and trim some of the extra parts off.

Nonetheless, it won't hurt LeBron to miss the NBA playoffs and get some rest but could hurt the fans and ratings. Then again, there are plenty of emerging stars in the league looking to make a name for themselves once King James has hung up his basketball shoes. They'll get some spotlight for now, until James and the Lakers return better for part two of their story.