The 2019 NBA Playoffs will be one in which LeBron James is not a participant, as his Los Angeles Lakers continue to fall further out of the picture. That has brought more attention to what they can do to get better this summer. Some people feel that signing one or two major NBA free agents will help the roster. Former Lakers great Kobe Bryant believes they should trade their young core players for Anthony Davis if a deal is there. Kobe also offered more advice for how Magic, LeBron, and the struggling Lakers can improve.

Kobe's gives advice to LeBron

On Wednesday's ESPN "Get Up" episode (March 20), Kobe Bryant was featured in a sit-down interview with Mike Greenberg. As one might expect, the state of the current Los Angeles Lakers team was a topic addressed. Kobe praised how the team had been exceeding some peoples' expectations earlier in the season. However, he mentioned that injuries came about and that contributed to the team's struggles, eventually causing their demise.

Greenberg also asked Kobe what sort of advice he might offer to the team's superstar LeBron James if he should ask him for it. Bryant was quick to suggest, "You just gotta keep pushing," and added, "Seasons like this are what make the championships worth it."

Kobe is familiar with the good and bad seasons as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

He captured five championships with the franchise, but there are those who will point out he had some help from fellow All-Stars. They included Shaquille O'Neal and Pau Gasol at different times in his career.

Kobe's advice for Magic to improve team

The man known as King James has been able to work his teams to get better talent on the roster with him.

After his team's loss to the Knicks, LeBron gave a message to potential free agents, suggesting the franchise wants to win, and "win big." He also said they'll cater to the players first and everything else second. LeBron fully expects them to add at least another All-Star, if not two.

Of course, there's also the speculation that much like LeBron has pull with a team's ability to get or get rid of players, Kobe had a similar power.

At one time, he and Shaquille O'Neal were feuding and ultimately Shaq Diesel left Los Angeles. Greenberg asked Kobe about any advice he'd offer Magic Johnson for how to improve the current team's situation from bad to better.

Kobe Bryant suggested patience for the team situation. He mentioned, "You have opportunities, things, pieces that you can trade, assets of that sort." However, Kobe also said they currently have young players with talent and upside.

He suggested the team could also "let them develop," saying either direction, that or the trading to upgrade, could be "a good direction."

That is a bit different from his previous comments in the interview to the Spanish sports site, where Kobe suggested you should absolutely trade the young core if you've got a chance at Anthony Davis. However, it shows that Bryant believes with patience the team will improve and be back on track. He also said that "Obviously they'll make smart decisions," giving the Los Angeles Lakers' front office credit that they'll improve.

LeBron James has put his faith in the Lakers for the coming summer, as he's less likely to have the patience for the young players to improve and help him win a title.