This past Sunday night, millions of fans watched what many are calling a lackluster Super Bowl 53. It featured Tom Brady and the New England Patriots winning their sixth Lombardi trophy in franchise history. The Pats defeated the Rams to take home the prize in the lowest-scoring game in the history of Super Bowls. While the parade for the No. 1 NFL team is taking place on Tuesday, there are already odds out for who could win it all in 2020. Fans of teams besides the Patriots may have some hope that their squad will claim the trophy.

Championship Game teams rank at the top

The four teams that met in the AFC and NFC Championship Games this postseason are amongst the top four on the odds to win it all in 2020. Unsurprisingly, New England tops all teams after they schooled the Rams in the Super Bowl. The Patriots have 6/1 odds to win it all again, which would be a seventh trophy for the team.

Just below them is Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs at 7/1 odds. They came up short in an overtime loss to the Patriots.

The Super Bowl runner-up, Rams, are the third team at 8/1, and they clearly have some work to do if they want to improve upon their previous attempt. Just below them are the team they beat in controversial fashion in the NFC Champions Game. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints hold 10/1 odds to win it all.

All four of these teams make plenty of sense right now, just based on how the recent NFL playoffs ended up going.

Other Super Bowl contenders

A team that suffered a crushing defeat in their first playoff game of the postseason was the Chicago Bears. Many people are blaming kicker Cody Parkey for the missed field goal that would have won it and sent the Bears to the next round. However, this is clearly a team on the rise with emerging young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky continuing to improve his skills for the pro game.

In addition, it's one of the best, if not the best, defenses in the league. The Bears currently hold fifth-best odds at 14/1, per Vegas Insider.

The Pittsburgh Steelers missed the playoffs based on poor performance this season. While they had a chance to slide in on the final day of the season, things didn't line up in their favor. There was a bit of a cloud hanging over the team this season with the Le'Veon Bell mess, but that should be cleared for the 2019-20 season. In addition, the team may trade Antonio Brown, but they've still got Big Ben and talent in place for a playoff run. They're listed as 22/1 favorites for the Super Bowl win.

Another team that may not have met fans' expectations was the Dallas Cowboys.

They made it into the playoffs this season and were able to get past the Seattle Seahawks in their opening game. However, they ran into a talented Rams team for their second matchup. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper still appear to be on track for success if they can add some more pieces to the puzzle. Vegas Insider lists Dallas as 25/1 favorites to win it all.

Here's a look at the 15 teams with the best odds to win the Super Bowl in 2020.

  • New England Patriots 6/1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 7/1
  • Los Angeles Rams 8/1
  • New Orleans Saints 10/1
  • Chicago Bears 14/1
  • Indianapolis Colts 16/1
  • Los Angeles Chargers 16/1
  • Minnesota Vikings 16/1
  • San Francisco 49ers 16/1
  • Green Bay Packers 20/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles 20/1
  • Cleveland Browns 22/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 22/1
  • Dallas Cowboys 25/1
  • Houston Texans 25/1

Of the teams above, the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns jump out as possible surprise teams.

It would be surprising to see either team get all the way to the Super Bowl, but they are clearly teams that are on the rise. The 49ers will anticipate the return of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo while Cleveland has young star Baker Mayfield at the helm. Nonetheless, the 2019-20 season could be very exciting!