The New England Patriots found a new strategy to counter Los Angeles' up-and-coming coach and quarterback on their way to their sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday (February 43). USA Today reported that this season, everyone was talking about how Sean McVay is turning the NFL upside down when it comes to playcalling. It was revealed that it was the old dude on defense that was truly the star of the show.

Sean McVay and his talented offense were held back by a number of schemes planned by Bill Belichick, the man who has become the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl.

While the Rams only ended up scoring a field goal, 71-year-old L.A. Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips kept the game from becoming a blowout and helping it turn into the lowest-scoring Super Bowl.

The defensive teams were the real stars

New England's offense ended up being led by Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman, who did just enough to keep the Patriots ahead, leaving McVay and Jared Goff helpless. McVay was left with nothing, while Goff struggled to pass and failed to settle into any kind of rhythm. This was a very different Rams offense from what was displayed during the regular season or during their playoff games against Dallas and New Orleans.

McVay acknowledged his shortcomings as a coach, saying he did not do enough for the team.

He also admitted that he was out-coached by Belichick. Goff accepted part of the blame, saying he did not know what the Patriots were doing on defense.

Jared Goff and Tom Brady were pressured

Goff expected the Patriots to play man-to-man, instead of zone defense. This caused mass confusion for Goff, who normally is able to read situations and get rid of the ball quickly. This time, though, Goff was hesitant.

This was on display when Goff had a shot at the end zone with Brandin Cooks, all alone, but Goff waited too long. It allowed New England cornerback Jason McCourty to reach Cooks and swat the ball away.

During that drive, the Rams stalled out when Goff got sacked for the third time. This game came down to defensive legends. The Patriots ended up holding the Rams from getting a third-down conversion on their first eight attempts.

The Rams' defense had similar success against the Patriots' offense until the fourth quarter.

Tom Brady also struggled, throwing many passes away. New England managed to get 10 points during the final seven minutes when Brady connected with Rob Gronkowski on several plays. This Super Bowl shows that age and experience are often more valuable than youth and energy.