The Nebraska football team has been having a rather odd finish to the 2019 recruiting cycle. They lost out on a couple of their top targets on the defensive side of the ball. An offensive line target also picked another school. Carson Lee once looked like a shoo-in to come to Lincoln. Then his hometown school turned up the heat. Over the weekend, the 3-star prospect announced he was indeed staying home and had committed to Colorado.

Nebraska football having an odd finish to 2019 recruiting cycle

In the span of about 10 days, the Huskers have lost out on three targets they had hoped to bring into the fold.

Dylan Jordan was the first player the Cornhuskers had thought was going to be pulling the trigger for Nebraska. When he pulled the trigger for TCU instead, it was a blow the coaching staff really wasn't expecting.

Steven Parker was the second big loss. He pulled the trigger for the Kansas Jayhawks on Monday night. That meant two pass rushing defenders were off the board for the Huskers. A position of need was suddenly a position of desperate need. Sandwiched in-between those losses was Carson Lee.

Lee, an offensive guard that was once talking about the performance of Nebraska football commits like Wandale Robinson like he was watching his teammates, decided Colorado was where he ultimately wanted to be.

That's definitely bad news for a team that is trying to finish strong. The ... good (?) news is that it's not clear just how much the Cornhuskers were recruiting Lee at the end.

Huskers having to reevaluate

The rather odd finish to the recruiting cycle has made the Huskers have to take another look at what they are doing as we move towards Wednesday and the final signing day for this cycle.

The good news is that the Huskers had one heck of an early signing period.

There were some recruiting experts that thought the team was among the Top 25 in the country. That's going to go a long way when talking about the overall 2019 class.

It's still not a great way to close out the year but it's not nearly as damaging as it might have been a few years back. This is a team that can do some damage control quickly if it can land an offensive lineman in the next couple of weeks for the 2020 class.

The Nebraska football team is starting to get a real feel for what the team is going to look like for the 2019 season. It's unfortunate that Carson Lee isn't going to be a member of that group, but it isn't the painful loss some of the others have been in the last few weeks.