The Nebraska football team might be set at quarterback for next season, but that doesn't mean they aren't looking to bring in as much talent as they possibly can at the position. They are also targeting Jake Garcia as a recruit. Logan Smothers, the dual-threat quarterback who has been a bit under the radar since he signed with the Cornhuskers, spent the weekend showing why the coaching staff was so high on him from early in the recruiting cycle. Smothers is getting some new attention as well.

Logan Smothers shows off his speed

Smothers competed in the AHSAA State Indoor 1A-7A Championships over the weekend, and while he wasn't able to earn a medal, he did show off why Adrian Martinez isn't going to be the only quarterback in town who has some serious running skills over the next few years.

Smothers made the Alabama state finals in both the 60-meter and 400-meter dash competitions. In the 60-meter, he finished seventh in the final run, but in the 400-meter dash, he finished fourth by just two inches. In what was literally a photo finish, the Husker commit fell just short of being able to stand on the pedestal.

Despite not finishing in the top three in either category, it's rather impressive he was able to be this strong, especially when you consider you aren't talking about a running back or wide receiver, but a quarterback.

When the Nebraska football team talks about wanting a quarterback that is dual-threat, it's pretty clear that Logan Smothers has the tools to hurt an opponent through the air and on the ground.

Nebraska football still fighting off challengers

While Logan Smothers counts as a player that is under the radar, thanks to being just a three-star quarterback, there is still an entire recruiting cycle to go before he can sign on the dotted line.

Partially because the quarterback committed to the Huskers so early and has remained so committed, he hasn't gotten a lot of other offers just yet.

Ole Miss and Louisville are standing out as the top competitors for the quarterback, should he ever have second thoughts about coming to Lincoln. So far, schools like Alabama and Georgia have not given him an official offer, though the Crimson Tide have at least shown they might be interested when it gets closer to the 2020 signing day.

If Logan Smothers continues putting up performances like what we saw over the weekend, it stands to reason the Nebraska football team is going to have a fight on its hands at some point. That fight might come sooner, rather than later, once the 2019 class becomes official on Wednesday (February 6).