Tom Brady is 41-years-old heading into Super Bowl LIII and recently told ESPN's Jeff Darlington there's no chance he will call it quits, no matter the outcome of the Super Bowl next week. Brady said he has been asked that question a lot and says that he gives the same answer, but nobody believes him.

Should Tom return in 2019, the question remains how long he will last. He's previously said that he wants to play until he's 45, which he will become in 2022. CBS says If he sticks around for that long, he would set the record of the oldest quarterback to start an NFL game.

Currently, the record is held by Steve DeBerg, who in 1998 was 44, when he started a game for the Atlanta Falcons.

Tom Brady and Jared Goff making history

Tom Brady has become the oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl, and the oldest to win. While Brady is 41, he still plays at a high level. This season Brady threw 4,355 yards and 29 touchdowns. Brady's longevity in the NFL can be seen by who he has played against. In 2001, Tom won his first Super Bowl, while Green Bay Packers star Clay Matthews' father Bruce played for Tennessee. Rams head coach Sean McVay was only 16 at the 2001 Super Bowl.

Next Sunday, when Tom and Jared Goff take the field, it will set the record for the biggest age difference between two starting quarterbacks in a Super Bowl.

Jared Goff was only seven when Tom won his first Super Bowl, he is now 24. If he remains in the NFL, he may have the chance to face Arch Manning, the nephew of Peyton and Eli. Nobody knows for sure when Brady will hang up his cleats.

Tom Brady continues to make personal history

If Tom ends up winning Super Bowl LIII, he will become the first player in the NFL to have won six Super Bowl rings.

Currently, Brady is tied with legendary rusher Charles Haley for most titles. Brady has also made Super Bowl history and set records for passing yards, touchdown throws, completions and attempts as well as a handful of individual game marks.

Brady says he is able to stick around for another season because he learns from each season to better himself the next year.

Darlington prodded Brady asking him what would stop him from playing next season. Brady has said he'll know when the time is right and that he thinks when it feels right, he'll know he's had enough. He believes he can continue to play at a championship level.

Brady drew comparisons from the Patriots 2001 season to their current season, saying they had to fight their way to where they are today. Brady admitted that he sometimes learns more from losses than wins.