Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was named the best offensive player in the league and it was clear cut. This was something that was predicted just a few games into the season. Patrick Mahomes is Kansas City's 23-year-old starting quarterback. Football fans who saw even a single game Mahomes played in knew that this was going to happen.

Mahomes was ahead of everyone else when it came to being the best offensive player in 2018. He destroyed the league, recording the best single season for a quarterback in NFL history. Mahomes ended the season second in passing yards with 5,097, behind Ben Roethlisberger.

He really left his mark on the league with his 50 touchdown passes. No other quarterback in the league even broke 40 touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes is leaving his mark on the NFL

Patrick Mahomes came out of Texas Tech and has become a legend in the NFL. The Sporting News reports that he's become the third quarterback in league history to pass the 50-touchdown mark. Tom Brady hit 50 in 2007 and Peyton Manning surpassed Brady with 55 touchdowns with the Denver Broncos in 2013.

Mahomes' historic performance earned the Chiefs the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC this season but was defeated by the Patriots in overtime in the AFC championship game. Mahomes should still receive credit for scoring 24 points against a strong Bill Belichick defense in the final quarter.

Mahomes career is just getting started

People need to remember that Mahomes is just at the start of his career. At 23, he still has a long career ahead of him and it's hard to tell how many awards and titles he will have when his career wraps up. Former NFL quarterback Trent Green said that Mahomes started his career unlike any other player at his position.

Mahomes keeps his team in the game, no matter the score.

According to Bleacher Report, Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt praised Mahomes, saying they were surprised how quickly he learned the offense and how to read defenses, and how to operate Andy Reid's offense. Reid got a contract extension in 2017. Both Brees and Luck performed well this season, but not as well as Mahomes, in my opinion.

Mahomes has impressive arm strength, surprising no-look passes, left-handed tosses, and scrambles ending with him finding an open receiver. Mahomes ended up being the first Chiefs player to earn MVP honors. Mahomes is also the youngest player to become MVP since Dan Marino in 1984. Marino was also 23 at the time.