Members of the Nebraska football team were partying a bit too hard on Friday night. Perhaps getting in their celebrations ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl, four members of the Nebraska Cornhuskers were cited after police were called to their home this weekend. At issue were numerous calls from neighbors who reported the party, near downtown Lincoln, for being too loud and for having far too many cars parked in the surrounding neighborhood that clearly didn't belong to residents.

Nebraska football teammates in a spot of trouble

According to 10/11 Now, LPD broke up the rather large party when they responded to calls complaining about noise and found several alcohol containers lying in the front yard.

When they went to the house to attempt to disperse whoever was inside, officers say they found more than 100 partygoers. As they were making sure everyone left safely, the officers contacted the four residents, who are all members of the Nebraska football team.

Antonio Butler, Boe Wilson, Jack Stoll, and Matthew Farniok were all cited by the Lincoln Police Department for "maintaining a disorderly house." The quartet escaped any other alcohol-related charges because they are all over the age of 21. Because the incident just happened there is no word on if, or what kind of disciplinary action the University or the coaching staff might take on the players.

The good news is that maintaining a disorderly house appears to be the worst mark that is going to come out of the situation.

It appears this is also the first time any of the four have been cited with this offense. Lincoln city ordinances show that the penalty is a fine of $250-$500 for each player, so it will be a bit of a hit to the wallet for all four. There is also the option of up to six months in jail though it seems unlikely any of the Cornhusker players will see any time behind bars.

It should be noted that a 3rd offense carries mandatory jail time of at least three days.

Huskers and the history of party related problems

For now, Nebraska football coaches, players, and fans can breathe a sigh of relief these citations are the worst thing to come from Friday night. Back in 2015, former Husker teammates Jordan Westerkamp and Tommy Armstrong got caught up in a situation where a woman who was at a party at their house said she had been sexually assaulted. The woman was not accusing the players of the assault and they were later officially cleared of any semblance of involvement.