It's been a whirlwind past week or so for the Los Angeles Lakers thanks to continuous trade headlines involving their players. That's because Magic Johnson and company were looking to make a blockbuster deal to acquire Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. The ultimate goal was to bring another major All-Star to the roster along with LeBron James. On Thursday, LeBron found his own way to team up with Davis in the near future.

Lakers struggling as All-Star break looms

In a recent Lakers game against the Indiana Pacers, LeBron suffered a career-worst loss.

He and Los Angeles fell by 42 points, which is seven more than previous career-worst performances for the multiple-time All-Star. After the game, LeBron spoke about how the trade deadlines surrounding various members of the roster might have an impact.

He also explained that it's something he learned to tune out earlier in his career. Unfortunately, Lakers players Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma were subjected to chants in Indiana suggesting LeBron wanted to trade them. They each scored just 12 points in the blowout loss.

With that said, the NBA trade deadline arrived on Thursday (Feb.

7). The Lakers made a few moves including one that brought three-point threat Reggie Bullock to the team. However, they were unable to land Anthony Davis by the deadline. Still, LeBron found a way to team up even if New Orleans didn't like the Lakers' final trade offer for Davis a few days ago.

LeBron, Giannis select All-Star teams

In addition to all the trade news on Thursday, TNT televised the official 2019 NBA All-Star Game draft. That show involved team captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetotounmkpo selecting their team's five starters as well as their reserve players. LeBron James had the first pick of the first round for starters, while Giannis had the first pick in the second round for reserves.

For their starters, LeBron chose Kevin Durant first, while Giannis selected Steph Curry second. LeBron's other starting players include James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kawhi Leonard. Greek Freak has Joel Embiid, Paul George, and Kemba Walker as his other three starters.

Things became interesting in the second round. Giannis was intent on adding his teammate Khris Middleton as one of his reserves and made him his first pick. That left Anthony Davis on the board and LeBron immediately made him his first pick of the second round. So while Davis demanded a trade from the Pelicans and never got it, he will at least get to team up with King James and other stars.

TNT on NBA host Ernie Johnson quickly joked with LeBron James about the pick asking, "Are you sure you want him as your teammate?" LeBron paused a moment before joking back, "You know, I'm very sure of that." Giannis got in on the fun by quipping, "Isn't that temporary?" "Shots fired," Johnson chuckled, as the show carried on.

While it will be temporary just for the big game, it may give Lakers fans that early look at what an NBA All-Star team-up might look like. However, LeBron has a number of other stars on his roster that could become Lakers as well.

Among the other "interesting" selections for Team LeBron are upcoming NBA free agents Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and Klay Thompson. The NBA All-Star Game 2019 arrives from Charlotte on Sunday (Feb. 17).