The Nebraska football team is looking for yet another defensive line coach after Mike Dawson left the Huskers for the New York Giants. After weeks of silence, social media rumblings indicate Scott Frost might have landed on his next assistant. If the rumors are to be believed, the hire would be a rather big one.

Former Alabama defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski became a free agent just a few weeks ago and he's been one of the hotter names in the assistant coaching ranks since that time. Eagle-eyed Cornhusker fans have noticed some interesting action on the coach's Twitter account that might indicate he accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

Nebraska football on the hunt for defensive line coach

When Mike Dawson first left the Huskers, there was quite a bit of talk about what former Nebraska players might take over the role. John Parrella, who had been fired along with Mike Riley and the rest of the previous staff, was rumored to be coming back.

The Omaha media, in particular, seemed to think that Frost was going to hire a former Husker to fill Dawson's spot. This ignored the point that Mike Dawson, himself, was not a Nebraska football alum. That could mean that one of the coaching positions that won't see any pushback if he's not from the Cornhusker family is the defensive line coach.

There's also the argument that after back-to-back 4-8 seasons, the program needs to be looking for the best possible option at the position rather than looking for alumni. Scott Frost already fits the bill for former Cornhusker players. He can now go outside the box and look for talented coaches who may not completely understand the Lincoln culture.

Craig Kuligowski is not a sure thing as the new hire

Before heading to Alabama, the potential hire for the Nebraska football team was a member of Miami's coaching staff. After he was let go by the Crimson Tide, there was all kinds of talk that he might be heading back to the Hurricanes. They might have gotten a bit of a jump on hiring him.

On the flipside, the rumors that he was going to Miami started a few days ago. The fact that the announcement that he's been hired hasn't been made might mean things have changed. Now that the rumor mill has really begun to spin up, things could be happening fairly quickly.

It is important to note that the Nebraska football team's rumor mill has been far from accurate this winter. Last month, there was quite a bit of talk that Bill Moos was about to be fired. That obviously didn't come to pass. Now we'll wait and see if the Craig Kuligowski rumors turn out to be real.