When the Nebraska football team offered Xavier Watts, there was very little doubt he was going to be one of the top prospects in the 2020 class. Now that his recruiting class's signing day is the next one we'll see, the receiver is looking like he might be one of the better players in the entire class. That certainly appears to be the opinion of a number of teams that have taken notice of Watts and made him an official offer.

The Omaha Burke prospect got two Power 5 offers on the same day earlier this week. Those offers underline that if the Huskers thought they had a fight on their hands with Nick Henrich and Chris Hickman, they hadn't seen anything yet.

Sky's the limit for Xavier Watts

The Nebraska football team has had its eye on the Omaha Burke receiver for a while now. They managed to get their foot in the door quite early. That could end up being the deciding factor when it comes to Watts choosing his team. Like Hickman and Henrich before him, there is no guarantee he's going to be a member of the Cornhuskers next season.

Certainly, Nebraska has the inside scoop. They are the team that exists just 50 miles away from his hometown. He's now also got the benefit of having two of his former High School teammates who were almost certainly telling him how much they'd love to continue to be teammates.

That does not mean he is going to pull the trigger on the Huskers when it comes time to pull the trigger. The fact that more and more teams are coming calling is only going to make the job that much harder. The fact that one of the teams that came calling is literally right next door isn't going to help Scott Frost and his team have that much easier of a time.

Nebraska football fighting off tough competition

Xavier Watts announced he had received both Tennesee and Iowa offers on Tuesday afternoon. That means the receiver now has 12 official offers. 11 of those are from FBS programs and more and more of those programs are among the strongest in the country.

Notre Dame and Wisconsin have already been in the mix for the last few months.

While there has certainly been a concern for a while now about what those offers mean, it seems like offers from Tennessee and Iowa bring even more problems for the Cornhuskers. Both the Hawkeyes and Volunteers have turned into a couple of the biggest recruiting rivalries for the Nebraska football team since Scott Frost arrived. A win, by landing Xavier Watts could end up meaning they've beat out those rivals for one of the best players in the 2020 class.