Fixing the Chicago Cubs offense in five steps

The Cubs saw their season come to an end early thanks to a struggling offense. Check out the ways they can make it better in 2019.


Sign Bryce Harper

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Harper is going to be the best offensive free agent this fall and winter. The Cubs need to go all in to sign the right fielder.


Move Jason Heyward to center field

Jason Heyward's contract is too big to dump completely, but he simply cannot play a corner outfield spot anymore. The addition of Harper will allow Harper to play right field and Heyward can move to center field. This will make Almora or Happ, or both decent bats and gloves off the bench.


Get a real leadoff hitter

No, Dexter Fowler probably isn't coming back, but he was the last real leadoff hitter the Cubs had. Since his departure, the spot has been a revolving door with varied degrees of success and quite a bit of failure. If the Cubs offense wants to fix what ails it, they are going to need to find an actual leadoff hitter who can do it 150+ times a year.

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