The Xfl 2020 comeback is just one year away. Right now, the league still has a lot to reveal to the public, however, some information about the upcoming season is starting to trickle out. Five current and former NFL players might be a good fit in the XFL.

2020 may still sound far off, but it will be here in the blink of an eye. With the XFL expected to make its return following next year’s Super Bowl, fans can expect more information about the league to be revealed in the coming months. The XFL will soon announce game venues.

What channel will air the XFL? indicated, via the Sports Business Journal, that the XFL is in detailed talks with FOX and ESPN about broadcasting games in 2020. Both networks currently air NFL games, which may cause a conflict of interest. With the leagues playing at different times of the year, you can expect ESPN and FOX to at least listen to what the XFL has to offer.

After all, if the product is good, finding a channel won’t be a problem. The NFL may be the king of the pigskin, but history shows that Americans love their football. Back in the early 1980s, the USFL did better than expected, seeing many games sell out stadiums with occupancy over 50,000. However, money, contracts, Donald Trump, and lack of advertising ruined them.

McMahon seems determined not to let that happen in the XFL.

The report also indicates that if a deal can be struck, games may air on ABC and FS1, as well as ESPN and FOX.

Quarterback salaries

Vince McMahon made it clear during his press conference, announcing his plans to reboot the XFL, that things are going to be different the second time around.

McMahon talked about having great talent, and a product on the field that he believes will rival the NFL in years to come.

If the WWE mogul wants to produce great football, he is going to need great players, and that is going to cost big bucks. From early reports, it seems that McMahon is all-in on paying much higher salaries than he did the first time around.

Ringside News is reporting that the XFL is planning on dishing out contracts for starting quarterbacks in the $300,000 range. That is a lot more than the league dished out during its first go-round, 17 years ago.

The report also indicates that the XFL plans is to sign a star quarterback to lead each team and hire on coaches by the end of March, so the league can start promoting to local and national markets. This is a far cry from the minimal contracts the first wave of XFL players received, over 17 years ago. Hopefully, this kind of price tag will encourage better quality players to give the XFL a chance. Stay tuned!