Steve Kerr has seen a lot from LeBron James over the past few years. The former Chicago Bulls superstar played for years with Michael Jordan and the past few seasons he has been coaching the Golden State Warriors as they faced the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Now, with LeBron playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kerr has James in his same conference to play all season long. With that said, Kerr has seen LeBron grow over the years, from the best player in the NBA into something more.

Steve Kerr compliments LeBron

Steve Kerr has coached against LeBron James for years and has always been complimentary of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

However, in an interview, Kerr said that LeBron is better now than he was even five years ago.

That says a lot because five years ago, LeBron was coming off four straight NBA Finals appearances with the Miami Heat and was preparing for four more with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now that he is wanting to try to do it again with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kerr said that he has just been getting better every year.

Steve Kerr said that five years ago, LeBron James was one of the top five players of all-time. He then said that in the following five years, LeBron has gotten "ten times better" and has added "so much skill to his game." That would mean that LeBron is nearing the pinnacle of being the best of all-time.

LeBron vs. Michael

When it comes to LeBron James and Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr has a lot of experience in comparing and contrasting the two NBA stars -- he best playing today and the best from yesteryear. According to Kerr, LeBron and Jordan are the two best players that he ever witnessed playing the game.

Kerr did admit that comparing their games is impossible because they were very different players.

Despite that, he also said that if you want to rank the best players in NBA history, LeBron and Michael should be ranked up at the top together.

Steve Kerr also said after the NBA Finals this past year where his Golden State Warriors won the NBA title for the third time in four seasons over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, that LeBron was playing light's out.

Kerr watched LeBron score 51 points in the 2018 NBA Finals and said that he was playing at a level above anyone else that he had ever watched play before.

Now that LeBron James is with the Los Angeles Lakers, his goal is to get his team into the playoffs and then push to an astonishing ninth straight NBA FInals appearance. To do that, he has to get past Steve Kerr and his Golden State Warriors.