Super Bowl 53 is less than one week away and already millions of dollars have been flowing through sports books across the US. The intrigue on wagering on this one sporting event is mind-boggling to many, however, for most football fans, wagering and the Super Bowl go hand in hand. Updated odds for the Rams vs Patriots game have also been revealed.

Most wagered on football game ever?

According to Action Sports, Las Vegas sportsbooks are already taking in heavy action on the game. In fact, at this pace, the gaming website indicates that this could be the most wagered on Super Bowl in history.

The incredible part of the wagering associated with this game isn’t just the fact that gamblers are placing money on which team will win, but all of the other side bets you can make during the game. These single bets are known as prop bets – and some of them are a bit crazy! The Super Bowl 53 kickoff time has also been revealed.

The props

It is hard to imagine that sports books could come up with so many different ways to wager on one single football game, but they have! With over 1,000 different prop bets that fans can risk their money on, some are so ridiculous that they almost seem fake. From wagering on if the coin toss will fall heads or tails to "Will Punxsutawney Phil's results call for an early spring + a Patriots win" are just enough to make your head spin.

Yes, these wagering options are real and people love them!

If you don't know how prop bets work, here is all you need to know. Wagering on a prop bet is no different than taking the Rams or Patriots to win the game. The only difference is the money line involved in each prop bet.

Prop bet example

"What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday - Donald Trump's approval rating or longest made FG made in Super Bowl 53?" (Trump +120, FG -140) Trump is the underdog at +120, while the made field goal is the favorite at -140.

That means if you wager on Trump, every $100 wins $120. However, if you wager on the field goal you must wager $140 to win $100.

President Trump's approval rating has hovered between 44 and 49 percent over the past six months, so you may be looking at a 50+ yard successful field goal if you take the favorite. The ratings will be determined by Rasmussen Reports.

Heads or tails on the coin flip is listed at even money, meaning every dollar wagered brings back the same amount, while the furry groundhog calling for an early spring and the Patriots winning the game is listed at -125.

Some other fun prop wagers include what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach (clear and yellow are the favorites) and will the announcers mention the no call in the Rams-Saints game that still has people talking. Tony Romo is quickly becoming a popular figure in the announcer's booth, and now he has two prop bets about him! Will Romo refer to the city of Atlanta as "Hotlanta?" Yes is the underdog at +200. No is set at -260. Also, will the former Cowboys AB mention the "age difference between Jarod Goff and Tom Brady AND coaches Bill Belichick and Sean McVay."

That seems like a yes!

The 2019 Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 PM. ET on Sunday, February 3.