The NBA trade deadline is coming up on February 7 and the Los Angeles Lakers are looking at what they can do to try to improve their team and try to make a playoff run. Things are looking bad as they have fallen below the playoff bubble by one-and-a-half games. They have a game they should win tonight against the Western Conference cellar dwellers, the Phoenix Suns, but they need a lot of help to pull back into the playoff race. It will be even harder if they don't get LeBron James back soon.

Originally, the Los Angeles Lakers were not planning on doing anything big trade-wise because they wanted to save a max contract for a major free agent this upcoming offseason.

However, with the pressure to get back into the playoff race for LeBron James' first season in Los Angeles, they might need to make a move.

Magic Johnson has some Lakers trade ideas

Magic Johnson might be willing to pull off a trade before February 7 -- if the trade was something that would be positive for the Los Angeles Lakers moving forward. According to The Atlantic, the Lakers are looking at exploring two different types of deals when it comes to a trade by the NBA trade deadline on February 7.

The first idea is to pull off a trade that would "solidify the team's roster" which would, in turn, increase the chances of making the playoffs this season. To solidify the roster, the Lakers would need to put together a team that works together better and can win games, even without LeBron James.

It would also require a point guard since Lonzo Ball is out for a while.

The second trade idea is less about creating a stable team and more about adding another major superstar to pair up with LeBron James. The problem here is that a name like Anthony Davis won't be available and the best star the Lakers could probably trade for is Bradley Beal -- not worth the money or loss of talent.

It is also tough because Lakers' ownership already said that they won't trade for anyone who isn't sure that they can play alongside LeBron James -- no matter how big of a superstar that they are.

Who would the Lakers trade?

If the Los Angeles Lakers pull off a trade, original rumors indicated that almost all their top young stars are off limits.

With Los Angeles continuing to lose while LeBron James is hurt, that is changing. The new reports indicate that the Lakers could trade Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma or Brandon Ingram if it means getting a superstar in return. Otherwise, expect a lesser trade to solidify the roster with maybe someone on an expiring contract.