The Washington Redskins appear to be facing a serious dilemma at quarterback this upcoming season, as Alex Smith may be unable to play the entire 2019 season. A replacement lives very close by. ESPN reports Alex Smith has been recovering from his serious broken leg suffered in the middle of November, but may not be ready to lead the team in the upcoming season. Ian Rapoport has said that the Redskins don't expect Smith to play during any part of the 2019 season, putting the need for a quarterback front and center.

The Redskins can fall back on Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez or Josh Johnson.

However, this trio of quarterbacks doesn't have what it takes to make it in the NFL at this time. One of the best options will be Nick Foles, who is expected to become a free agent during this offseason.

Nick Foles fits Washington's offensive scheme

It's been addressed that Foles would be a perfect match for Jay Gruden's offense, as well as he has also done work developing quarterbacks in Washington.

Foles is a veteran who can lead the team, and keep them on point, and would also have a strong running back in Derrius Guice, who has returned from an ACL tear in his rookie season. Guice has faced stumbles during rehab but is expected to be ready to go this coming season.

USA Today reports the current contract situation appears to signal that Foles will become a free agent.

Washington is facing a money issue. They are financially tied to Alex Smith until 2020, so signing Foles could be a major challenge. Once Nick Foles hits free agency, he will be sought after by many teams across the league. Nick Foles is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and also led the Eagles to the playoffs from a near-lost season before losing to the Saints.

Nick Foles would have a strong running game to rely on

Nick Foles could run the offense with the help of a three-headed running back combo to keep the pressure off him early in the drives. Jay Gruden is responsible for grooming Kirk Cousins and making him one league's highest-paid quarterbacks and would be able to get the best out of Foles.

Washington could become a playoff contender, with the right man at quarterback. This upcoming draft class does not have a strong pool of quarterbacks who can come in and start for a team aiming for the playoffs. The free agency appears too thin too, but Foles could end up being the best option if the money is available to secure him. Fans will have to wait and see where Nick Foles ends up.