The National Hockey League made a gesture during the build-up to the 2019 NHL All-Star Game. One that, in theory, should've gotten the league some positive buzz. Female ice hockey players would be allowed to participate in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition. Two members of Team USA and two members of Team Canada took to the ice. The idea was for the women to demonstrate how skills events work. Team USA's Kendall Coyne Schofield did officially participate in one event because one of the scheduled participants was injured. But another moment has taken much of the attention.

What ensued could've been a golden public relations opportunity for the NHL. Instead, it has become another source of controversy for the league. So much so that a third party has stepped in, hoping to help make things right.

Brianna Decker appears to have clocked the fastest time for the Premier Passer event

The Premier Passer event is designed to test a player's accuracy at passing the puck. While the event itself is a bit more complicated, the general idea is simple. Whoever hits all of the designated targets in the quickest time wins. Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers was eventually declared the winner with a time of 1:09. As such, he became the recipient of $25,000.

However, as The Ice Garden reports, Brianna Decker appears to have had a faster time still - 1:06.

Word quickly spread via social media, with many fans arguing she should be awarded the prize money, according to NESN.

The NHL, however, appeared to disagree as Decker wasn't technically an official participant. They have also claimed that they clocked her at a significantly slower time, around 1:12. No evidence of this time has been produced and the public response has been largely skeptical.

Shortly after the NHL's claims about the time were made public, hockey equipment manufacturer CCM made an announcement. In a letter to Decker posted to Twitter, the company informed her that they would be paying her $25,000. The letter also underscored the 'importance of recognizing female hockey players and called Decker an ambassador for women's hockey.

Decker has already had a storied career

Decker grew up near Milwaukee in Dousman, Wisconsin. At the collegiate level, she played for the Wisconsin Badgers, with whom she won the 2011 national championship. The following year, she received the Patty Kazmaier Award, given to the country's top female college ice hockey player.

Professionally, she has played in the Canadian Women's Hockey League and National Women's Hockey League. In the former, she won a league championship in 2015. In the latter, she recorded the league's first ever hat trick and is a two-time MVP.

She has also had major successes in international competition. With Team USA, Decker has won Olympic gold and silver medals and five world championships.