Five intriguing landing spots for Nick Foles in 2019

Nick Foles is expected to become a free-agent during the offseason. [Image Credit] Philadelphia Eagles - YouTube
Nick Foles is expected to become a free-agent during the offseason. [Image Credit] Philadelphia Eagles - YouTube

The Eagles can't afford to keep Nick Foles, meaning he could end up on another team.

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The drama of the off-season will soon begin after the Super Bowl finishes next Sunday. League insiders believe that teams are not impressed with the quarterback crop available in the April draft. It will be an interesting off-season for teams in need of a strong quarterback. Other than Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins, analysts are not sold on any other signal-callers in the draft class as franchise quarterbacks.

Others might sneak up into the first round. Kyler Murray has potential, but it's unclear which team would be willing to risk drafting this short playmaker. He is rumored to go in the Lamar Jackson-range. Teams have also given attention to Drew Lock and Daniel Jones but they both have severe flaws and need work to improve their mechanics. This means that teams may make their move in the free-agent market to find the right signal-caller. Super Bowl-winning Foles is a very attractive option.

Nick Foles could expect to receive a $20 million-per-year short term deal. However, while there's not a deep market, things often quickly change since new coaches have taken their place across the league. Coaches are now considering hitting the reset button on their franchises.


Washington Redskins

Just on the basis of on-field work and schematics, the Redskins would be the best landing spot for Nick Foles. Jay Gruden has developed a quarterback-friendly offense. Alex Smith has been plagued by injuries and now he's not expected to be ready by next season. Foles is the best man to help the Redskins reach the playoffs and is worth the investment.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville made a big mistake extending Blake Bortles contract and not signing Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson or Lamar Jackson. They now must figure out who will be the face of the franchise. Jacksonville is facing a tough cap situation, being $3 million over the limit. They could instead sign a low-key free-agent like Ryan Tannehill or Teddy Bridgewater.

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