The Los Angeles Lakers didn't seem to be willing to move any major young talented stars from their current roster in a trade this season. The reason being that they would be bringing in nothing more than a mid-level star -- with a much bigger contract -- in exchange for young talents still under their original deals. That would hurt the Lakers chances of signing a real star in the offseason like Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant -- if they could convince a name that big to join LeBron James in Los Angeles. They also have dreams of trading for Anthony Davis, although that won't happen until next year at the earliest, and want to keep their money in their pocket for a max deal for one of those superstars.

When the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Houston Rockets on Saturday in overtime, they fell under the bubble line based on tiebreakers to the Los Angeles Clippers. With a game against the Golden State Warriors coming up on Monday, the team could fall a full game back of the playoff bubble and LeBron James is still not back yet from the groin injury he suffered on Christmas Day against those same Golden State Warriors.

As a result, plans look like they might be changing for the Lakers.

Who will the Lakers trade to bring in a star?

While the chances of getting a star player no better than Bradley Beal are slim, the Los Angeles Lakers are putting some of their young stars out there as carrots to dangle for other teams interest.

Among the names mentioned that Los Angeles would be willing to trade, the biggest name on the list is Josh Hart. Other names included in possible trade discussions include Ivica Zubac and Mo Wagner. According to Ken Berger of Bleacher Report, everyone else is off limits.

Josh Hart is averaging 9.2 points and 4.1 rebounds a game over an average of 27.3 minutes a game.

Ivica Zubac is averaging 7.6 points as JaVale McGee's backup and Mo Wagner only averages 6.9 minutes a game as the team's fourth center.

Lakers players off limits for a trade

With that in mind, the Los Angeles Lakers -- even through their struggles -- see a bright future for some of their young stars. Forget about Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram for now because it is Kyle Kuzma who is becoming the best young star on this entire team.

In the win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday, Kuzma scored 32 points and he dropped in 20 points in the first quarter of the loss to the Houston Rockets on Saturday.

Kuzma isn't going anywhere right now, because he gives LeBron James a monster young talent for the future. However, with Kuzma playing so well and developing into a star for the Los Angeles Lakers, he could become the key piece in convincing the Pelicans to part with Anthony Davis next year.