The latest MLB rumors bring some good news for Chicago fans as Manny Machado is still considering Cominsky Park as his potential home stadium. Meanwhile, it appears one other team is also vying for his service. With that said, the New York Yankees are not part of the running for the MLB superstar. That means Judge, Stanton, and company won't have yet another powerful bat coming to their lineup.

NY Yankees out for Machado?

Two baseball stars have been front and center when it comes to the MLB rumors fans are keeping up on. One of them is Bryce Harper who could go to a National League contender soon.

That contender just so happens to be the Philadelphia Phillies.

For weeks, Machado has been linked to a number of MLB suitors including the NY Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago Cubs. On Wednesday evening, reporter Hector Gomez sent out a tweet indicating a source says Machado has just two teams on his list. The New York Yankees are not one of those teams, per Gomez's tweet.

Gomez has been able to bring several other major MLB rumors or stories to light, so he may have the inside track here. He's managed to let fans know about Robinson Cano's big suspension story and also provided a list of Nelson Cruz's "finalist" clubs that he might choose.

His two-team list comes around the same time as an interesting tweet from USA Today's Bob Nightengale saying the Yankees were still players, though.

Based on Nightengale's tweet, New York may still be involved.

The New York Daily News also seems to back that claim up. As of Wednesday night, they reported from a source who claims Machado is interested in the Yankees, but "for more money than Stanton" is getting. Their opinion on that is "good luck with that." So it should be interesting to see if more news materializes on that front in the coming days, or if Gomez got this one right too.

Machado's two-team race

With the New York Yankees rumored to be eliminated as contenders, that leaves just two Major League Baseball teams. The Chicago White Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies are on the short list now for the top MLB star. Neither team was a factor in the MLB postseason chase, and neither team was considered a contender for the World Series crown.

The White Sox and Phillies have both been power players in other MLB rumors including those surrounding free agent Bryce Harper. One report sugged Chicago wanted both Machado and Harper on their roster.

As seen in the above MLB Tonight clip posted to Twitter, they believe there is a "mystery team" involved in all of this.

Clearly, it makes for some fun roundtable discussions, but at this point, it's looking like just a few teams are major players for Manny Machado's services.

Whichever team lands Manny Machado is likely to have him for quite some time on contract, giving them some great offensive power. It could even launch them into contender status, depending on the rest of their team. Obviously, Machado will be an expensive centerpiece of that team.

It should be an interesting upcoming series of days, or weeks, in the world of MLB rumors. With Bryce Harper set for a meeting this weekend, and the continuous Manny Machado MLB reports, fans have a lot to look forward to in terms of major moves.