Chicago White Sox rumors just got really crazy. The White Sox are reportedly interested in signing both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. This information was just revealed during the November 5 episode of "MLB Tonight" on the MLB Network. It's huge news, especially for White Sox fans, as the team has been in a rebuilding process for a number of years. This breaking story seems to indicate that they are ready to step back into contention and that the checkbook is ready to increase payroll by quite a bit.

More MLB rumors

The Philadelphia Phillies were also mentioned as a team that would be interested in the services of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

This confirms that the two biggest names in free agency are going to have a number of suitors, likely forcing them to bid against each other as the MLB offseason progresses. It could also mean that neither signing takes place until much later in the winter months. Agent Scott Boras has to be pleased. In a report during the 2018 MLB season, Harper and Machado ranked at the top of the MLB free agent power rankings.

Addressing the White Sox rumors

In recent years, the White Sox have traded off key players like pitcher Chris Sale, all in an effort to collect assets. The front office completely tore down the roster, bringing in some of the best prospects from around baseball. Now, the long-term outlook for the franchise is pretty good.

If these White Sox rumors turn out to be correct, a quick influx in talent on the roster could be coming. Doing it through free agency also means that they can keep all of their young assets.

Cleveland Indians fire sale

It was recently reported that there are a number of Cleveland Indians trade rumors floating around baseball.

It looks like the team is ready to trade some veteran players in order to cut salary. That's a huge deal, because it could open up the American League Central to another team. Enter the White Sox, who would gladly take over the division. The Indians have dominated the Central for a while now, but losing players like Corey Kluber could set them back a bit.

If the Indians trade several of the players that helped them become contenders, then the team will be moving in the wrong direction. It might be a good long-term plan, but it would make the process more difficult if the Indians have to play 18 games every season against a team that has Harper, Machado, and Jose Abreu in the lineup. That would be a lineup that could compete with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Houston Astros for the best offense in the American League.

The Harper and Machado contract offers

It's not a stretch to state that within these Chicago White Sox rumors, the team would have to offer up nearly $800 million in total salaries to land both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

The contract offers are going to be near the top, in terms of the biggest money deals that have been offered in Major League Baseball history. Are the White Sox really ready to offer that much money to just two players? Will the Philadelphia Phillies let them do it? Strap in, because the baseball offseason is about to get really interesting.