When LeBron James joined Kyrie Irving with the Cleveland Cavaliers, they turned the team into an NBA Finals contender. When Kevin Love joined them, they became an Eastern Conference dynasty. They made it to three straight NBA Finals appearances together, winning one of them. As a matter of fact, while LeBron was the superstar of the team, it was Kyrie's final shot that clinched the series win over the Golden State Warriors. When Kyrie left after the following season, the Cavs made one more NBA Finals appearance but were a shell of their former team.

While Kevin Love and LeBron James were having dinner together earlier in January, James got a phone call. It was from Kyrie Irving. The Boston Celtics superstar has been struggling somewhat with his new leadership role in Boston, mentoring younger players, and called to apologize to James for how he acted when LeBron was trying to give him advice along the way. Kyrie said he now understands how important it is to listen and not act as if you know more than those who came before you.

Cavs players talk Kyrie and LeBron

This brings up an interesting interview with Cleveland.com, a number of former teammates talked about the chance that Kyrie Irving could leave the Boston Celtics and reunite with LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Tristan Thompson said that "anything is possible" when discussing the chance it could happen. Thompson came to Cleveland the same time as Irving.

Channing Frye disagrees. The former Cavaliers veteran said that Kyrie Irving "deserves his own team" and shouldn't latch onto LeBron James again. To give this a comic book comparison, Frye said that Kyrie is no longer Robin but he has now become Nightwing.

In DC Comics, when Robin left Batman's side he changed his identity to Nightwing to show is not a sidekick anymore.

Kevin Love on LeBron and Kyrie

Kevin Love spent more time with them than anyone else. He was the third superstar added to turn the Cleveland Cavaliers into a superteam. When asked about the possibility of Kyrie Irving leaving the Boston Celtics to join LeBron James in Los Angeles, he seemed a little more optimistic.

Love said that no one knows what Kyrie is going to do. He said that people will think they figured him out and then he will "change on the drop of a dime" due to him changing the mood he is in at the time. As a result, Love said that Kyrie loves to keep people guessing and that the only person who knows what he will do is Kyrie Irving.

"I'm sure if Kyrie wanted to go and those guys wanted to rekindle that I don't think either would have a problem with that," Kevin Love said. "That's going to make for really interesting speculation this summer."