Kyrie Irving and LeBron James were an amazing pairing when they helped lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to three consecutive NBA Finals appearances. Irving was even the real reason they won an NBA title, as it was his final shot that clinched the win over the Golden State Warriors. However, things went bad after their third year together and Irving demanded a trade, saying he felt like the Cavs no longer wanted him.

Now that Kyrie Irving has become the defacto leader for the Boston Celtics, he has seen what LeBron James had to do when he came back to the Cleveland Cavaliers and decided it was time to call LeBron and offer his old teammate an apology.

Why did Kyrie apologize to LeBron for?

Kyrie Irving spoke to the press after he led his Boston Celtics to a win over the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night and that is when he told them that he called LeBron James to personally apologize for his actions when they played together with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kyrie said that it was a big deal for him to make this apology. Recently, it was a public mess with the Boston Celtics as Kyrie had outbursts with both head coach Brad Stevens and his fellow superstar teammate Gordon Hayward last Saturday night after a loss. Irving then made some harsh comments about some of his younger teammates.

According to Kyrie Irving, he called LeBron James to apologize for how he reacted to the criticism that LeBron gave him when they played together with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What does Kyrie's future look like?

Kyrie Irving said that he told LeBron James that he was sorry for being the kid who wanted everything at his fingertips with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving said he wanted to be the guy to lead the Cavaliers to NBA titles and be the leader of the team. He now realizes that role is not for everyone, but it fits LeBron well.

According to Kyrie Irving, the only way the Boston Celtics can achieve the success they seem destined for is to get the young players more experience and get them playing at a higher level. It sounds very familiar to fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers last season as LeBron struggled but still pushed them to the NBA Finals.

It also sounds similar to the struggles that LeBron James is facing this season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

While LeBron is quiet when talking publically about the Lakers young players, Kyrie Irving made his complaints public and has since apologized for it. With Kyrie seeing how his young teammates have reacted to his comments, he felt it was necessary to call LeBron and apologize to him for how he acted in the past when James called him out, as well.