The Cleveland Browns have become a fractured franchise. One main cause of the rift and fracture is Hue Jackson. ESPN previously discussed what they believed was a rocky relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. This time around, it's the Cleveland Browns, with the rift being seen by fans across Cleveland. Details of the firing of head coach Hue Jackson are beginning to surface.

Complex reports that in October, the Cleveland Browns made the decision to fire Hue Jackson and Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley. Cleveland had a 2-5-1 record, and Jackson had a career record of 3-36-1 with the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns appeared to be headed in the right direction, as they ended up going 5-3 and Baker Mayfield started to improve, highlighting the fact that Jackson needed to be fired by the organization.

Hue Jackson was removed as head coach following Week 8 loss

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam fired Hue Jackson after the Week 8 loss to Pittsburgh, also telling Jackson that the team had given up on him. Jackson fired back at John Dorsey, who walked in with Haslam, in an expletive rant and telling him to get the f--- out of my office.

Jackson appears to think highly of himself, despite not having a winning record. Apparently, he did not see this firing coming.

Bleacher Report comments that the Jackson era was coming to a close when General Manager John Dorsey hired Todd Haley as the new offensive coordinator last season, leading to a tense power struggle between the two.

The proof of the power struggle is how Baker Mayfield began to improve when Freddie Kitchens was named as the new offensive coordinator, who ended up being named head coach.

Jackson's response not helping his case for a second chance

Hue Jackson's response to getting fired is not the professional way of leaving an NFL team if he expects to be an NFL head coach again.

While swearing at a GM is a serious matter, teams only need to look at Jackson's horrific record and only winning three games out of 40, while at Cleveland.

If Jackson wants to stay in the NFL, he needs to realize that he might have to settle for an assistant role, when the dust settles. ESPN suggests that the chaos at the top of the Browns has trickled down to the players, causing the players not to know who they can trust. The Browns front office is hoping that Baker Mayfield can be the leader for Cleveland that Lebron James once was as he was building up the Cleveland Cavaliers when he was part of the crumbling team.