Zac Taylor being a hot commodity in the coaching world is nothing new. He's been one of the up and coming assistants in the league for a few years now. The former Nebraska football quarterback has certainly seen his name get even hotter in the last few months. When the Cleveland Browns fired Hue Jackson earlier this season, Taylor was one of the first names mentioned for the job. Now it looks as though the Rams assistant is moving closer to being offered the head coaching gig for the Denver Broncos.

Zac Taylor wraps up interview with Broncos

The official website for the Denver Broncos is reporting that Taylor finished up a very good interview with the team earlier this week.

Now that he has talked to the team, it appears Denver has liked what it heard when it talked to the former Nebraska football quarterback. It was also pointed out that Taylor is the youngest head coaching candidate the team has talked to so far, as he is just 35-years-old. That means that should he be hired by the franchise, he will be just a year older than defensive tackle Domata Peko Sr.

His youth is one of the things the Broncos like about Zac Taylor. He has the ability to bond with young players like Rams' quarterback Jared Goff. That's good news for Denver, as they have quite a few young players. Taylor might only be a year older than Peko, but there are few other players that are even that close to his age.

They are a young team that the front office apparently feels as though it will be easier to bond with players on the Broncos.

Taylor the teacher could benefit the Denver Broncos

Certainly bonding with the team is would be a benefit, but Taylor has been talked about on more than one occasion as someone who is both a great communicator and a teacher.

When talking to current Rams head coach Zach Mcvay, he had nothing but good things to say about his assistant say he, "has a great way about being able to kind of paint a picture for the quarterbacks to kind of simplify the thought process when a lot of the things we’re asking them to do is complex."

It's also worth noting that Rams' quarterback Jared Goff has only improved his QBR since he began being tutored by Zac Taylor.

Considering the quarterback troubles of the Denver Broncos in the last few seasons, that is likely a big reason the franchise is seriously considering the quarterbacks coach to be their new head man. Now it's just a matter of when the team is going to be making a decision.