"Ball in the Family" sees the JBA now in London for their next destination as part of their international tour where they play professional teams from overseas. While in London, Melo gives his dad some breaking news that he didn't see coming which gets LaVar questioning what he should do.

Ball's in London

One of LaVar's favorite places to go is London as he loves the city. Actually, it's where he played his first professional game of American football back in 1995 and it's also where he proposed to Tina which was revealed in season two, episode 20. LaVar said that the JBA international tour has been awesome.

On the tour, Gelo notices that Melo hasn't been himself and he's unsure why Melo's different.

Later that day, Melo goes to his dad's room at the hotel where Alan ended up when he came. The reason why Melo goes to his dad's room is because he wants to talk to him about his future. Melo wants to go back to school. When Melo tells his dad he wants to go back to school, LaVar's not happy about what Melo wants to do but Alan's more open to the idea. Melo says that he wants to go back to high school because he misses the school atmosphere and the fact that Lonzo and Gelo finished high school.

The next day, LaVar and Alan go to a restaurant to talk about Melo's wishes. Alan thinks it's a great idea for Melo to go back to school but LaVar is still not fully on board with what Melo wants.

In London, the JBA team played the London Lions where they won 151-137 which brought their winning streak to nine games. In that game, Melo got 42 points.

Big Baller Brand promo

Back at home in Chino Hills, Lonzo and DMO are filming commercials for Lonzo's signature shoe "ZO2." Throughout filming, Lonzo keeps throwing a basketball at DMO while DMO hangs on the rim.

After the commercial shoot, Lonzo has dinner with his family. Noni jokes that DMO is going to get kidney failure because of Lonzo who kept throwing the ball at him. When told that Melo is unhappy on the JBA tour, Lonzo says that he isn't surprised that he's unhappy and that Melo wants to go back to school but says the hard part will be getting LaVar on board with what Melo wants, which turned out to be true.

Breaking news

After the game against the London Lions, some of the players on the JBA team go out for dinner which is where Alan reveals to Melo and the other guys there that Melo will be going to SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. Before Alan tells LaVar about this, LaVar has no idea something like SPIRE existed and at first, thinks that SPIRE is a skin cream. Melo is shocked that his dad will let him go back to school as even LaVar admits that he's a one-dimensional thinker.

Before Melo heads back home, he and the JBA players go plate shooting which was for Melo to have some time to hang out with the players on the JBA team. Of everyone who goes, Melo's the only one who shoots a plate and does so twice.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode nine, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, LaVar and Melo return home after being apart for over a month. When LaVar is asked if Tina will go to Ohio with LaVar and Melo, LaVar says no as snow can be dangerous for Tina who's going through rehab. Meanwhile, the JBA players gamble at a casino and with LaVar gone, only two people show up to the next practice. Therefore, coach Doyle says he's going to have to start taking money from people.

"Ball in the Family" airs on Facebook Watch.