"Ball In The Family" is a reality TV show that focuses on LaVar Ball's family and the basketball careers of his sons: Lonzo who plays for the Lakers and his other sons LiAngelo and LaMelo who play for BC Vytautas in Prienai, Lithuania. This episode was different, though, as this episode focused more on spending time with the family instead of the boys playing basketball.

London, here we come

With the family still in Lithuania, LaVar tells his family they will be going to London, England for a family vacation and to also do a pop-up shop there for Big Baller Brand.

While in London, LaVar and his business partner Alan meet with business associates in London to set up a game between BC Vytautas and the hometown team, London Lions. The business associates wanted to set up this game to expand basketball in London. In order to decide if it was a good idea, the Ball family went to see a London Lions game to see the turnout (which they were satisfied with) which made LaVar excited for a possible game with BC Vytautas in London.

Being in London brought back memories for LaVar and Tina as Tina said in the episode that she got proposed to in London. Since London is a special place for LaVar and Tina, LaVar told his family that instead of naming their third son LaMelo, they were almost going to name him London.

The turnout for the pop-up shop in London was huge as it showed packed lines waiting outside in the rain. The Balls were impressed with the turnout, as they organized the pop-up shop in one day and basketball is also not a very popular sport in England.

Gelo's future

While in London, LaVar and Alan talk to Gelo's agent about showcasing his talent in front of NBA scouts as Gelo has declared for the 2018 NBA draft.

His agent explains how Gelo will be going to a draft combine and that he will also workout for NBA teams privately. LaVar explains how playing overseas is better than playing college basketball because you can get a headstart on getting to the NBA.

Back in LA

With Lonzo playing for the Lakers, it's obvious that he wouldn't be in Lithuania with the rest of his family.

While Lonzo is a basketball player, he also has his own album called "Born 2 Ball" and his own clothing line called "ZO2." To show his clothing line, Lonzo sets up a fashion show with the models wearing different clothes under the ZO2 collection. Once the fashion show was over, Lonzo did an album release party and performed the songs "Get Off" and "LaVar" which he wrote in honor of his dad. With LaVar back in LA, while performing "LaVar," Lonzo brought his dad on stage with him.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, they show a preview of what's going to be in the next episode. In episode 21 which will be next Sunday on Facebook Watch, the crew asks Melo if he takes advantage of his dad not being around, and he responds with "nah" but according to Gelo, he does.

Gelo explains that Melo is up playing video games all night and that he acts like a zombie during the day. What Gelo is saying sounds true as Melo looks like he is exhausted when the coach is talking and looks like he's about to fall asleep during the day. During the all-star break, Lonzo heads to Miami. While at the beach, lots of people surround him, chanting his name. As Denise and Lonzo are set to have a child, LaVar explains that having a child results in sacrifices. The whole episode will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch.