The Kansas City Royals have not won a World Series titles since 2015. CBS reports are confirming that Kansas City is keeping their top utility player and extending his contract, which gives him $16.25 million. Whit Merrifield debuted in 2016 and has been one of the Royals best offensive and defensive players. Merrifield was a league leader in hits and stolen bases last season.

League insiders believed that Merrifield was going to be traded last season before the deadline. Now, he will stay with the Royals until Kansas City can get a fair deal in a trade in the future.

Whit Merrifield's power and durability gives him high trade value for a team that is looking to rebuild this team. This past season he was nearing arbitration and it would have been the perfect time to trade him in hopes of finding young talent who can improve their farm system.

Royals extend Merrifield's and not trading him away

MLB Trade Rumors is confirming that this contract extension buys out Merrifield's final pre-arbitration year and three seasons of arbitration. The new extension includes a fifth-year club option. This shows that Merrifield will unlikely complete this deal in Kansas City. The contract is easily transferred to any team willing trade for the right young prospects.

Merrifield has only been in the league for three seasons but has made a name for himself.

As he was closing in on arbitration, the Royals could have traded him to a team, that would have overpaid him at the trade deadline. His age makes him one you wouldn't start a rebuild around him. When the Royals have a decent shot at making the playoffs, he will be at the end of his contract and nearing the end of his career.

Merrifield is a dangerous defensive utility player

Merrifield played in the outfield, second base, and first base during the 2018 season. Merrifield was able to give the Royals the ability to mix up the lineup on a daily basis, depending on their opponents and team weaknesses. He was a star at second base, where he recorded multiple defensive runs saved above average.

Kansas City could have signed popular free agents such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, who are still unsigned but decided to stay with Merrifield. Kansas City is looking to turn things around as they head into the upcoming season. Time will tell whether Merrifield will be a burden on the Royals and their fight to reach a playoff spot this coming season.