Michael Schumacher seems to be on a recovery track as one of his closest friends, and former boss of Scuderia Ferrari shared some inside information recently. Jean Todt is a prominent figure in the racing landscape as he was in charge of the Italian team Ferrari in the early 2000s'. That was the era when Michael Schumacher was at his peak obliterating all of his rivals.

As a result, the German pilot went on to win five consecutive Formula 1 world champion titles between 2000-2004 with Jean Todt being a pivotal part of that team.

Since 2013, when he suffered that shocking accident while skiing in the French Alps, a veil of silence surrounded the matter as Schumacher's family wanted to keep the matter as private as possible.

Jean Todt remains a prominent figure in Formula

It's fair to say that the 72-year-old has been around F1 long enough to be considered a respectable figure. The President of the FIA (the main governing body for world motorsports), Todt stirred things up with his latest statement regarding Michael Schumacher saga.

According to gpfans.com, the former Ferrari boss said that he watched Brazil GP along with Michael Schumacher.

Known for their close friendship throughout the years, Todt and Schumacher shared a glorious period at Ferrari team.

The Frenchman seems to be one of the few lucky persons who have access to Schumacher's house located outside Geneva. According to f1i.com, Todt has been paying Schumacher visits on a regular basis.

After the accident, Schumacher spent a significant amount of time in a hospital in Grenoble, France before being moved out to a more private location.

Schumacher's family did not comment on Todt's statement

Michael Schumacher's family has made a clear point of view from the start as they wanted no media attention whatsoever. Therefore, in almost five years since that accident, there were almost zero updates on Michael Schumacher's health coming directly from his family.

All that the world received was some secondary bits from people Schumacher used to be in touch with.

In his statement, Todt seemed aware of the public's skepticism so that he felt necessary to highlight that he's always careful when he says something.

Although still vague and incomplete as it gives no specific information, Todt's statement is the latest piece in the Michael Schumacher puzzle, a saga that started in December 2013 when a skiing party almost ended the seven-time Formula 1 champion's life.