It appears the full court press the Nebraska football team has put on Lloyd Summerall is paying off. The Husker coaching staff all ... and we mean all ... went and visited the defensive prospect earlier this week. On Friday afternoon, the defender announced when he would be officially announcing his school of choice. He also announced which three schools he was going to be choosing between when he does finally sign.

Lloyd Summerall has a predictable Florida lean

Summerall is reported to be picking between Miami, Florida and the Nebraska football team.

The fact that two of the schools he's looking at are located in the Sunshine State should surprise no one. Summerall is from Lakeland, Florida and it's long been thought he was headed to one of the major schools from the state. If there is a surprise in the final three, it's the fact that Florida State is not in the running.

The other surprise is that the Huskers are in that running for his services. Scott Frost and company have been working their hardest to get the defensive stud to fall in love with Lincoln.

He was in town on November 17 for the game against Michigan State. He saw the Huskers defense play their best game of the season, even if it was against an offense that simply isn't very good. He also saw snow for the first time in his entire life. Instead of scaring away the Florida product, the cold and snow appear to be enough of a draw that the Cornhuskers are at least in the mix.

The question now is just how much in the mix are they?

Nebraska football is going to have at least a little signing day drama

Lloyd Summerall has said he will be picking between Miami, Florida and the Huskers on December 19. That's the beginning of the early signing period. The good news for Husker fans is that they are going to find out relatively quickly where he is going.

Sam McKewon reports the prospect is going to be signing during the 10 am hour. Even better for notoriety is that he will be doing it on ESPN 2. If the Cornhuskers are able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, or he pulls their hat out of the group, they will not only be getting a 4-star prospect, but they will be stealing him away from the Florida schools on national television.

Considering the work the Nebraska football team has done in order to be considered a national power when it comes to recruiting, getting this kind of a prospect would be huge. At the moment, he's still considered a solid Florida Gators lean but Lloyd Summerall clearly has the Huskers on his mind.