In the hours leading up to the beginning of the early signing period, things can change rather quickly. Sometimes they change for the worse such as the case of Tony Wallace committing to TCU after being a silent commit to the Huskers for months. Other times, things can change for the better. It appears the Nebraska football team is in a bit of an upswing when it comes to offensive line prospect Jimmy Fritzsche. Fritzsche had been thought to be a solid lean to the Huskers for several months but in the last week, he'd appeared to have found a new love in the Clemson Tigers.

Shortly after visiting the National Championship contender, the Greenville native received an offer and several recruiting experts believed he was slipping from the Huskers' grasp.

Jimmy Fritzsche sets his decision date

On Tuesday morning, two things occurred that could make Cornhusker fans very happy. The first is that Jimmy Fritzsche announced he would be making his commitment decision on December 19 at noon local time. That means that whatever happens, Nebraska and Clemson fans won't have to wait all that long to find out what school he will be attending. It's important to note that since he has chosen the beginning of the early signing period to announce, it's a safe bet he will also be signing his letter of intent.

Fritzsche doing it the way he is apparently going to do it means that Nebraska football fans also won't have to deal with the extreme drama they had to put up with when it came to the Wandale Robinson commitment. As most Husker fans remember, Robinson had been as close to a Husker commit as you can get without actually being a commit.

At the eleventh hour, he switched his school choice to Kentucky. About a month later Robinson switched back to his first love and picked the Huskers. The drama was such that it prompted one Kentucky coach to throw a little shade at his former commit.

Nebraska football shows up in a crystal ball

Now that Jimmy Fritzsche has announced where and when he is going to be picking his school, 247Sports has had a number of crystal ball predictions come in on what hat he's going to put on.

One of the most interesting predictions came from an analyst that is labeled as "South Carolina Insider." JC Shurburtt is a person that is plenty close to the Clemson program and he now believes the offensive lineman is going to be picking the Nebraska football team. That appears to be a bit of good news just ahead of signing day on December 19.