There is a rule of thumb on "Sports Twitter" when it comes to trying to take down your hated rivals. Make sure the insult you are hurling at them isn't one that would reflect even more poorly on you. That rule of thumb was forgotten by the Barstool Colorado Twitter account on Wednesday morning as it tried to hurl insults at Nebraska football faithful. In attempting to point out it had been a very long time since the Cornhuskers had won anything, the account failed to realize it had been even longer since the team it supports, the Colorado Buffaloes had won anything of substance.

Days since Nebraska football won a championship

The insult that Barstool Colorado decided to aim at Husker fans was fairly cutting on its' face. "If you're upset that the next Christmas is 364 days away, just remember that Nebraska's last championship was 7,663 days ago and they're still optimistic," the tweet stated. The point of this appears to be that Husker fans are so silly that despite the fact that it's been over 20 years since the Cornhuskers won a championship, they're still optimistic about the program's chances.

Leaving aside the fact that most sports fans are going to be optimistic about winning a national title at some point in the year, it was at least a pointed comment aimed at pointing out Husker fans might have an inflated sense of their own team every now and then. There were also a couple of problems with the tweet that were pointed out rather quickly.

Insult turned on its ear

Shortly after the tweet went public, several Nebraska football fans pointed out that one of the reasons they are optimistic is because new head coach Scott Frost is working quite hard at recruiting. Those efforts are paying dividends so far, as the team has been in the Top 20 teams in recruiting, or have at least been flirting with the Top 25 rankings for most of the recruiting cycle.

The other problem and the one that drew quite a bit of ridicule is that it's been quite a bit longer since Colorado has won a championship. Some Twitter users pointed out it has been better than 10,000 days since Colorado last won a national championship. Others pointed out the tweet appeared to be making fun of the fact that Nebraska football fans were still optimistic, rather than how long it had been since they won a title. That led others to imagine that Barstool Colorado's real issue was that they had accepted the Buffaloes weren't going to win anything and wished others were in the same boat.