Another Cleveland Cavaliers trade has taken place. In this one, the Cavs have traded George Hill and Sam Dekker in exchange for two future draft picks. It's a good move for the future of the franchise, netting the team a future first-round draft pick that had belonged to the Milwaukee Bucks. It also underscores how the team isn't really trying to compete during the 2018-19 NBA season, as Hill would have been an important piece to retain in those efforts.

Details of Cavs trade with Bucks

As reported by the league, the Cavs acquire Matthew Dellavedova and center John Henson.

The team would also get the 2021 first- and second-round draft picks of the Bucks. This has turned into a three-team deal, which now includes the Washington Wizards.

As part of the deal, the Bucks get George Hill from the Cavs and Jason Smith from the Wizards. The Bucks also get a future second-round pick from the Wizards. Sam Dekker would then go from the Cavs to the Bucks, and the Cavs are also sending back the second-round pick of the Wizards in 2021 for their 2022 second-round selection.

Cavs collecting draft picks

This trade nets the Cavaliers two future draft picks without having to do much for them. As the team tries to rebuild after losing LeBron James to free agency, this is another step in the right direction.

Acquiring Matthew Dellavedova and John Henson gives the team some added depth for now, with the players combining for roughly $19 million in salaries for the 2019-20 NBA season.

George Hill didn't have that much value on the trade market, but because the Cavs were willing to take on some salary for next year, the team was able to acquire another first-round draft pick.

It's an additional asset, should the team look to maeke more deals ahead of the 2019 NBA Draft. As it stands, the Cavs are in a good position to add another great young player from that class.

More Cavs trades to come?

There had already been numerous Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors this season. The team is struggling and had made it clear that players like Kyle Korver and J.R.

Smith were available. The Cavs recently sent Korver to the Utah Jazz, but haven't found a taker for Smith, yet. Dealing Hill and showing that they are willing to take on some salaries might just open up some possibilities for a Smith trade.

Without Kevin Love, who was forced to undergo surgery, any real shot at surprising fans and critics this year went out the window. Now, the Cavs have started using this season as a way to see what their young players can do with an increase in playing time. Entering play on December 7, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a 5-19 record, which is only half a game from being the worst mark in the Eastern Conference. If tanking is the goal, they are succeeding at it.