Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors are starting to pick up again. And, yes, it is directly related to how badly the team has played recently. Losing LeBron James has had even more of an impact on the roster than analysts had feared. It is very similar to what happened when the Cavs lost James the first time, but tanking the following season led to selecting Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick. Could the Cavs be on that same road in preparation for the 2019 NBA Draft?

NBA analyst Frank Urbina hints that the Cavs may now be open for business. Two of the most likely players to get dealt are J.R.

Smith and Kyle Korver. Both shooters do have a value that other teams could benefit from, provided they have the room under the luxury tax to take on those contracts. In a best-case scenario, the Cavs would find separate trade partners for each veteran and bring back a pick or two in each deal.

Breaking down Cavs trade rumors

Out of all players, J.R. Smith has been the player showing up the most in NBA trade rumors. With Smith playing more minutes lately, coupled with the team now sporting an ugly 2-12 record, it has been suggested that the Cavs are trying to show him off to other teams. Urbina noted in his article that Smith's contract also only has $3.9 million in guaranteed money for the 2019-20 NBA season.

That might make it more palatable to teams to trade for him.

As for Kyler Korver, new Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors link him to the Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks. With the 76ers, the team could use another three-point shooter off the bench. He could be very valuable to the team, especially after the 76ers traded Robert Covington to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Covington was one of the players used to acquire Jimmy Butler. If the 76ers acquired Korver, it would make the team even deeper in its rotation.

Cavs need to continue building for the future

It's not a secret that players like J.R. Smith and Kyle Korver don't fit the future of the franchise in Cleveland. There are other veterans who might also hold some value on the NBA trade market.

It's time to start collecting assets, even if the Cavs have to take back some expiring contracts for the 2018-19 NBA season in exchange for these guys. Making deals that include draft picks returning to the Cavs, even if it is second-round picks, simply makes sense for the team.

Another name that needs to be in discussions before the NBA trade deadline is Kevin Love. Love recently had surgery, putting a dent in his trade value, but he could return at some point soon. To put it bluntly, Love might help the Cavs win games, so the franchise should deal him in an effort to improve draft position. If he comes back quickly, fans should definitely welcome Love popping up in more Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors. Could he land several future first-round picks for the team?