The 2019 MLB free agent class has been talked about for years because of how many star players are available to be signed. There's Bryce Harper available, Manny Machado, and Patrick Corbin. Those are the three biggest names available but there are many more great players that are free agents. Below, I will predict which team that I think that each major free agent will sign with.

Corbin signs with the Yankees

The Yankees are in need of starting pitching and they need another strong pitcher to go along with their ace, Luis Severino. As always, the Yankees have a lot of money and they're going to use that money to address their rotation.

The Yankees will sign Patrick Corbin, who will easily slot into the second spot in the rotation. They may not need to persuade Corbin to sign with them, as Corbin grew up a Yankee fan.

Phillies sign Machado

The Phillies signing Machado is a perfect fit for two reasons: They have a ton of money to spend and they have a need at shortstop. The Phillies aren't the greatest team but the Phillies will offer Machado the most money which will lure Machado to Philadelphia.

Mariners keep things intact

The Mariners' 2018 season was their seventeenth consecutive season that they missed the playoffs. In the past few days, there have been rumors that the Mariners are contemplating tearing the team down to start from scratch by rebuilding.

Despite these rumors, the Mariners would be stupid to do so. They finished 89-73 and earlier in the season, they were in the running for a Wild Card spot with at times even holding a spot. The Mariners have one of the most lethal offenses in the game and they also have one of the fastest teams in the majors. The addition of Mallex Smith only helps their offense.

Scott Boras makes stupid statements

Scott Boras is the most well-known agent to the public and I think he is the best agent for players, as he is able to get his clients a lot of money. Some even consider Boras to be a super agent. Just a few days ago, Boras claimed that he's going to tell teams that his client, Bryce Harper, can also be a valuable first baseman in the big leagues, despite the fact that Harper has never played a single game at first base or anywhere in the infield.

Machado gets more money than Harper

With the number of star players that were known to be available in the free agent class, dating back to more than two years ago, there was a lot of talk about whether someone would get the largest contract in professional sports history. With Machado having a better season than Harper, Machado will be the highest paid free agent, whether he gets the biggest contract in sports history or not.

Cardinals sign Donaldson

Donaldson was once one of the best players in the league. With Donaldson now a free agent, the Cardinals will have their opportunity to get Donaldson in a Cardinals uniform and they will succeed. They will sign him to a one-year contract for around $15 million, with mutual options for the next two or three seasons.

Marwin Gonzalez to get lots of interest

Every team would love to have Machado, Harper, Corbin, or Kimbrel. In reality, only the teams that are willing to pay them a lot of money will get them. One player that all teams would love to have is Marwin Gonzalez. His career slash line of .264/.318/.419 isn't anything eye-popping, but what makes Gonzalez a useful player is that he has experience playing every position other than pitcher and catcher. That's a rarity in a player, as the only other player that can play most positions is Brock Holt of the Red Sox, and he's still under control for another year. Gonzalez should be able to get himself a contract of more than he really deserves.