The Nebraska football team is turning over every rock they can in order to bring in more talent. While Scott Frost and company have been attempting to bring in some of the best high school talents in the country, they've also been combing the Junior College ranks. There is one other category of stones the staff can turn over if they really want to make sure that they are going after every little piece of talent they are. They should go after great players that are being cut loose by their current teams. Such is the case of Jeff Thomas. The wide receiver has been a good contributor at Miami for the past two seasons.

On Wednesday it was announced he had been cut from the team. He's a free agent now. If he ends up at another FBS school he can play right away. That should be an incentive to look into his situation.

Jeff Thomas throws questions into the situation

As a general rule, Husker fans want Nebraska football to stay as far away from players that are released by their programs as possible. The difference here might be that it doesn't appear Thomas was necessarily a "bad egg." According to Canes Warning, the wide receiver rebutted Miami and claimed the departure was mutual.

Thomas issued his own statement on Twitter claiming things weren't as bad as they looked.

"regarding to the situation with me. I did not get kicked off the team as of how bad it sounds. I came to an agreement with my head coach on leaving the program to better my future life and family life. I couldn't thank this program of how much they've done for me, and the things I've done on the field is my way of respect for the program.

Much love!! #BeatPitt" Thomas wrote.

Nebraska football should look into the situation

In his two years at Miami, Jeff Thomas 52 passes for 537 yards and five touchdowns. He's got 35 catches this season. Coming out of East St. Louis High, he was a 4-star prospect according to 247Sports. That's a kind of production and talent the Cornhuskers should be looking for in 2019.

Stanley Morgan is graduating after this season. As good as JD Spielman has been, he's going to need a partner in crime to take the pressure off him.

For those who think a player leaving, or being dismissed from his team is an automatic disqualifier, keep Dedrick Mills in mind. The running back was dismissed from Georgia Tech after his freshman year. He landed at Garden City Community College and caught the eye of the Huskers there. Assuming he does indeed sign, he'll be in Lincoln next fall. The Nebraska football team should look into saying the same about Jeff Thomas.