A feature-length documentary is going to be filmed at the I Promise School in Ohio that NBA star LeBron James and the LeBron James Family Foundation supports, the Akron Beacon Journal reported. Akron Public Schools gave the green light, inking a deal that approves the film project with Blowback Productions, a production company that is based in New York, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Boundaries accompany contract with Blowback Productions

Filming does have pre-established boundaries, the West Side Leader explained. Attorney Rhonda Porter pointed out that restrooms, health offices, and locker rooms are “off-limits.” The filmmakers are barred from filming meetings that involve students who have special needs.

Before children can be interviewed for the documentary, their parents will also need to grant their signed consent.

Another condition to filming at the school is that the school district’s superintendent, David James, along with his staff, will be enabled to pre-screen the film prior to its release. Objections made in “good faith” will have to be considered by the film’s producers, Porter stated.

Film to offer portrait of students’ successes and struggles to excel

The Akron Public Schools Board of Education inked the contract with the production company. The documentary’s premise is “a year in the life” of the school, as well as on its students, the Leader noted. The objective is to present a “multifaceted portrait” of the students striving for excellence in their education at an innovative school.

The documentary also aims to depict not only the students’ successes but some of their struggles too.

School aims to help kids at-risk

The school, which opened in Akron in July in James’ hometown, is a partnership with the Akron school district and the foundation bearing James’ family name. The curriculum at I Promise aims to help at-risk students achieve and succeed with STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Filmmaker to pay ‘normal’ use fees to district

The district gave the Beacon-Journal a copy of its contract with Blowback, the filmmaker.

Within the 13-page contract, there is no money flowing from the production company to the district. There are some space rental and facility fees, though. The fees, however, are “normal.”

The documentary, in agreement with the district, will reference the setting as either the I Promise School at the Akron Public Schools or, in short, IPS at APS, the Beacon-Journal reported.

Blowback has 20 films under its creative belt

Independent filmmaker Marc Levin founded Blowback in 1988. The company’s history of films include the production of “Cadillac Records,” “Baltimore Rising,” and 18 additional films. While it is known that the documentary will first premiere in Akron, the release date and a working title have not been specified.

LeBron James Family Foundation members were at the school board meeting when the deal with Blowback was discussed.

James wore LeBron 16s in Lakers v. Timberwolves, giving nod to school and winning

Incidentally, when the Los Angeles Lakers played against the Minnesota Timberwolves on November 7, three-time NBA champion James was wearing Nike LeBron 16s, giving a nod to the I Promise School. On the heel of the fire kicks are the words “We Are Family.” The tongue of the LeBron 16s reads, “Just A Kid From Akron.” The Lakers won 114-110.

Each student who attends the I Promise School is given a free uniform, meals, supplies, a bike and helmet, and busing.

Additionally, every student who graduates receives “guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron,” A Plus reported.

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