New Orleans Saints rumors link the team to Dez Bryant. According to a report from the NFL Network, it has been confirmed that the Saints will meet with Bryant. This could be huge news, not just for the Saints, but also for fantasy football owners looking to pick up a receiver in the final weeks of the regular season.

It doesn't end there, though, as CBS Sports has stated that the Saints will meet with Brandon Marshall. The Seattle Seahawks had signed Marshall to a free agent deal but decided to release the veteran receiver. Now, Marshall has the freedom to sign with another team during this NFL season.

Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall workouts

Bryant and Marshall will have official workouts with the Saints, showing that the team is serious about signing one of the receivers very soon. The intent, here, is to give quarterback Drew Brees another weapon to work with. After beating up on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 9 of the NFL season, the Saints have shown that they are definitely a team that could be contending for a Super Bowl win.

Bryant had been with the Dallas Cowboys, but the team decided to go in a younger direction when he became a free agent. Bryant has been languishing without a team but could jump at the opportunity to sign with a Super Bowl contender. The problem could be how much salary he is willing to take.

If he is willing to take on a team-friendly deal, then the Saints might have a contract in place very soon.

The lack of success for the Cowboys ended up getting blamed on Bryant. The receiver wasn't quiet about the situation, where he stated that he was a scapegoat for the entire situation. A lot of rumors have followed Bryant in free agency, including the suggestion that he should sign with the New England Patriots.

Addressing the Saints rumors

Could the signing of either Dez Bryant or Brandon Marshall help the New Orleans Saints? The answer to that question is yes. If either veteran receiver is willing to take on a supporting role for the team, knowing that they won't be the focal point of the offense, then it would definitely give the Saints a great weapon.

Both players have shown the ability to come up with big plays in the past, and that could be exactly what Drew Brees needs from them.

As the week progresses, the Saints will meet and work out both of these players. NFL fans should expect a lot of reports to come out of this situation, especially with how well the Saints have been playing this season. Fans should take this as a good sign, as well, because it shows that the front office is continuing to look to improve the roster, rather than standing pat with a good team.

In regard to the world of fantasy football, now is the time to use a free agent pick up on either Brandon Marshall or Dez Bryant if you have an open roster spot. They will need to reside on the bench for now, but if either player finds a good rapport with Brees, they could become a valuable commodity down the stretch. As such, keep a close eye on these New Orleans Saints rumors as the story develops.