The Nebraska football rivalry with Iowa took a rather sharp turn, on Friday, after one Hawkeyes fan claimed the Huskers didn't participate in what has become a pregame tradition for the home team as well as the schools who are visiting Kinnick Stadium. One Twitter user claimed the Cornhuskers didn't turn and wave to the patients in the nearby Children's Hospital. She went on to claim this is the first time in quite a while that she hasn't see an opposing school take the time to make the gesture.

The accusation

The fan, who looks to be a member of Iowa's band, took to the social media platform on Friday afternoon shortly after the game.

"Let it be known that Nebraska is the only team to visit Kinnick and not do the first quarter wave," she tweeted out. After that announcement, there were numerous Hawkeye fans who proceeded to voice their displeasure at the apparent slight.

The tradition is certainly not something that is required of opposing teams. It is something schools have started doing in the last few years and it's clearly something the kids, housed in the hospital, have noticed and appreciated. While it might seem a bit out of character of the Cornhuskers to eschew this kind of tradition, it's possible they simply had their minds locked firmly on the game ahead of them.

Nebraska football fans claim evidence of the wave

With the accusation, from an open and shut case to what appears to be a disgruntled fan who wanted to amp up the rivalry, is the documentation by Husker fans who were at the game.

Several posted videos in response to the Iowa fan's accusations clearly showing members of the team turning and waving at the hospital.

When she was shown the video, one that was, clearly, taken during the game to document the goodwill shown by the Nebraska football team towards the children, the fan who posted the initial complaint had a rebuttal.

"This video shows players waving, yes. However, it was not the entire squad, which is unlike anything that I’ve seen in any other game since The Wave started. Every other visiting team has made a point to wave as a team, even if it was for the first 15 seconds of the timeout." She posted.

In what has now become "Wavegate," Husker fans and Iowa fans have been going back and forth on Twitter for the last two days about whether or not the Nebraska football team did "The Wave" correctly.

Ben McGlaughlin of the Husker Sports Network attempted to end the debate by pointing out that not only did they wave, but they took time out of their gameday preparations to visit sick children at a local hospital the day before Thanksgiving. What is not in dispute is that it appears the accusations are going to add another layer to a rivalry that already has some very bad blood.